Visual Xmas “F-You” Rant

Because I loathe Christmas…



25 Responses to “Visual Xmas “F-You” Rant”

  1. Shimoniac Says:

    …Stay horny my friends. And buzzed. And jealous that you’re not me.

    Happy Ho Ho. As my Pagan friends say.

  2. Too bad you hate Christmas – I had a good virtual gift for you on my Christmas Day post!

  3. Happy commercial consumer stay up til fucking midnight to finish the last of your shit spend 300 dollars to feed your family who won’t let you sit on the goddamned couch day

  4. My couch is seven feet long with a chaise lounge on one end…you’d think there would be room. I’m a little person!

  5. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Oh, it’s the beer guy! He’s too cool. The most interesting man in the world…mosquitos don’t even bite him! My favorite of his, says something like, “He punches you in the face – and you get up off the floor and shake his hand…” cracks me up every time….

  6. A simple wish for you to have as happy a Tuesday (or is it Wednesday now) as you can. Though I think you should re-institute one tradition, and hunt yourself a turkey for Christmas dinner. There’s gotta be some useless second looies running around needing a 5.56mm enema. 😉
    Be thirsty, my friend – but STAY safe.

  7. Happy Tuesday Rants!

  8. Dude, if that’s how you celebrate it, wouldn’t it be xmas every day?

    Have a great tuesday!

  9. hmmmmm….I wonder if at the ripe old age of 42 if I could get paid more per hour as a hooker than I get paid in my current profession.

    Brainrants, I have misplaced your email or I would send you an email. In anycase, I realize I was really fucking with you in an uncool way several months ago – sorry about that. I’m not online much anymore but would like to be welcomed back here. Apology accepted or am I banned for life?

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