Visual Rant I

Because I’m a worthless lazy fucktard you get this:


…then again, sometimes not.


16 Responses to “Visual Rant I”

  1. True dat!!! Happy December 25th!

  2. Sarcasm… It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

  3. The problem is sometimes the person you are dissing does not get the sarcasm, then you have to kill them. Happy Holiday Rants, and take care.

  4. For those in the know, that second line isn’t necessary.
    For hthose who aren’t, it’s just a wasted warning.

  5. But – sarcasm is just … WORDS. It just doesn’t compare with the satisfying kick of a recoiling rifle as that bullet smacks into ….
    Um ….
    Never mind.
    Have as good a Christmas as regs allow! 😀

    • Reminds me of the Marine sniper interview question about what he felt when he killed a terrorist over 1000 yards away…

      Answer: “Recoil.”

      Merry Tuesday.

  6. Merry Christmas man!! 😀

  7. Sarcasm is wit with a cutting edge!

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