Random Thought #48

Any of you out there kind of hoping this Mayan thing happens?  This would save me an unholy amount of asspain once I get home if it happens.

34 Responses to “Random Thought #48”

  1. I’m hoping the Mayan’s got drunk and forgot to finish the calendar thus this just being a big joke on the world.

  2. I’m with ya dude … something needs to happen and soon. A giant “reset” would be nice. 😉

  3. If the Mayans could really predict the future there would be more Mayans.

  4. Um…would you be getting home if the Mayan thing happened?

  5. Hoping? Expecting, sir, and DEMANDING! I want to die in my forties, and if those wacky Mayans don’t come through, I’m gonna be 50. FIFTY! Besides, wouldn’t it be great for a bunch of guys who didn’t even know about iron, much less steel and computers, out-predicting our modern tech? I mean, how awesome to be whacked, not on the prediction of NASA or the ESA, but a bunch of guys dead for CENTURIES!
    But just one question – since it’s already tomorrow in Australia, does the world end here in North America on the 20th? Or do WE end on the 21st, meaning the Aussies bite it on the 22nd, which means the Mayans were only half-right? C’mon, people, this stuff is IMPORTANT! 😀
    Oh, and if we DO all bite it, and for some reason God decides you AREN’T worthy, don’t worry. After you turn your tags in to Satan, c’mon over to me. I’ve already got a stash of cold beer waiting. 😉

  6. I have lived through so many “end if the world” predictions that I just can’t get worked enough to really care. The first time I was only 9 years old. By the way my ‘Best Before Date’ was sixty, now my kids are raising me. Take care.

    • But Granma (may I call you Granma? I never had a Granma.. 😦 ), you gotta embrace this apocalypse, ’cause it’s the apocalypse for the older set! None of this computer virus/machine uprising nonsense! This is an apocalypse predicted by a bunch of guys in leather underwear who had NO computers, cell phones, or any of that technical nonsense! This the Stone Age, reaching forward and smacking the Information Age in the back of the head! IT’S GREAT! 😀
      And who says your “best by” date has passed? Women are like wine – they only get better and more intoxicating with age! 😉

      • Are you sure they had underwear? Maybe they were like the Scottish & let it all hang out.

        And yes you may call be Granma.
        p.s. How do you get the emoticons. If I knew how, I would put in a winking one. Take care & have a happy holiday season.

        • Well, Granma (I got a Granma! [Squeel!]). Ahem. As I was saying, I only know of four. Colon and right parenthesis is a smile. Semi-colon and right parenthesis is the wink. Colon and capital D is a BIG grin, my favourite. and the number 8 plus capital O makes the big-eyed shock look. Other than those, ya got me!
          As to the Mayans, well, I HOPE they wore underwear. Unlike the Scots, the Mayans had poisonous snakes in the jungle! Speaking as a guy – YEE-OUCH! 😀

      • *laughing at the idea of Erickson calling anyone ‘grandma’*

  7. do you generally get ass pain when you come off of deployment? What’s happening over there???

  8. I refuse to believe in this prediction! If this were to happen you wouldn’t get to come back home. Even though there is going to be some work involved I want you back home safe & sound (not in a stalkery way)! Merry Christmas Brains!

  9. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Damn…apocalypse in the Hood….I’m doomed.

    • Hide in the basement.

      • whiteladyinthehood Says:

        I don’t have one!!! I’m not hiding, anyway! I’m gonna be a good southern person that hears a prediction and rushes to the store and buys up all the milk and bread. yep.

        • You mean, ‘…good Southern person who rushes to clean out the ammo and jerky.’

          • whiteladyinthehood Says:

            Hey – well, actually, that was pretty funny..I’m surprised there is not a mass e-mail going around that says ATTENTION: All southern peoples meet at Walmart parking lot tonight at mid-night. Must wear battle fatigues…(people from all over would show up wearing boots, camo pants, and have their Skynryd t-shirts on).

          • Does it matter which camo? No NATO M85, but I DO have Brit DPM. (Actually, there’s a jacket for the uniform collection that doesn’t weigh a lot, but is WARM! And waterproof, of course – it’s for troops in Britain, after all. 😀 )

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