Random Thought #47

flip for blogTo the douchebag who trimmed his pubes in the shower:

Asshat, at least do it inside the shower stall so those nasties wash down the drain.  Don’t leave them on the floor, gracing the muddy flip-flop prints of the rest of us.  You sick fuck.


30 Responses to “Random Thought #47”

  1. I’ve cleaned out stalls for a living, more than once in my life. Believe it or else, the women’s are worse. Trimmed his pubes??! What is this? Don’t ask, don’t tell? Or does somebody have a hot date with a camel? Take a deep breath, (inside your new office space) civilization is just over the calendar. Can you show the last two months as a daily countdown?

  2. I want to thank you for ruining my breakfast as I read this…you’re swell. I’ll give you a pass since you have several more testosterone-only filled months left.

  3. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Nasty! I’m always surprised, though I know I shouldn’t be, at how some people are so inconsiderate and unthoughtful of others…

  4. Mercifully when I shared a (college) dorm bathroom the trend of shaved pubes was not yet popular.

    Oh, and your comment made me laugh while instilling a bit of nausea simultaneously.
    Rants, THAT’S Entertainment!

  5. I keep my shaved pubes in a pile next to my toenail clippings and mail them all to the IRS at the end of the year. It’s a great tax deduction, but you need a special form.

  6. If you ever identify the idiot, get some Nair and put it in his shampoo. And body wash, if he uses it. You won’t ever find HIS pubes in the shower – or ANY of his hair! 😀
    Or, if you identify the guy as a blade shaver, “borrow” is razor and find a rock to bang it on. For added fun, I’ll see if I can’t round you up some blood-thinning medication to spike his canteen with. 😉
    Yeah, I’m a mean SOB when I want to be!

  7. And here I’d think that all the readily handy firepower would discourage that kind of jackassery…

  8. That is SOOO not delicious to wake up to for a morning shower… or any other time of day, for that matter.

  9. Since when did unmentionables become mentionables?

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