Fred Embraces The Suck

One of the most frustrating things about being here  in The Suck (or, Afghanistan as some people call it) is the condition I live under where I have virtually no time to myself.  Okay, when I’m asleep, technically I get all of that time all to myself.  All four to five whopping, fuck-chunking hours.  As Mama Rants says, “Well whoopty shit.”

Anyway, the other day as I ran back to my room for some antacids, I dug through my wall locker and Fred waved at me.  I told him he was still missing his pants, and that could cause some problems over here.  He replied that he had little intention of going off of Camp Morningwood, and that so far going around with no pants was working pretty well for him.  I told him I’d explore that later.

Fred asked me if I was ever going to do another post featuring him, and I told him sure, absolutely, just as soon as I found those pesky antacids, and what was it we were discussing?  So during this early morning lull in the younger generation sucking up all the bandwidth here, I snuck in this Fred Feature.

Please enjoy Fred, in all his pantsless glory, enjoying The Suck with me on our second sabbatical here.  Also of note, today – Halloween – marks my halfway point in this deployment.  I did not plan it this way, my life just is that bizarre.

35 Responses to “Fred Embraces The Suck”

  1. JanCorey Says:

    I pray your last half goes by safely and quicker in your thoughts. We love you guys. Hurry home.

  2. You should probably be glad you’re not here right now with “Superstorm Sandy” wreaking havoc all over the eastern seaboard. I hope you second half goes twice as fast as the first half & we get to enjoy you homeside again very soon!

  3. You can’t see me, but I’m waving at Fred…and you thought I was going to say I had no pants on. Tsk, Tsk. Half a safe second half and Happy Halloween and stuff.

  4. On first read, it would appear that you are starting to go a little nutty…but then you already are, so you may have just lost your mind!

  5. Well, it’s about bloody time we got to see Fred! I thought you’d left the poor guy behind, and were trying to cover YOUR butt – instead of his, which probably don’t need covering in Sunny Suckistan.
    How appropriate that Halloween would be your halfway point. And lucky you – you have a REALYY kick-butt costume! You can go as a soldier! 😉
    Okay. My gift to you, I’ll say it for you – “Erickson, you’re a SMARTASS!” 😀

  6. Hi Fred!! And Happy Halloween!
    Halfway?! Now are you a glass half full or half empty kind of guy? I guess it depends on what you’re drinking…

  7. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Make sure you tell Fred I said, “Happy Halloween!” Hope he at least gets a choc covered fly or something.

  8. We miss you. Proud you’re there for us. Fred’s cool. God bless…and get your arse back home soon. And the rest of you, too.

  9. Shimoniac Says:

    It occurs to me that six months, more or less, from Oct. 31, is April 1st. Unless of course I’m the fool.

  10. Pretty sure needs to be promoted into the upper ranks.
    No pants? Hell yeah!

  11. Sheesh…. and here I was, afraid you might be going senile early 😐 .
    ….. and no, I don’t think I’ve met Fred before :p .

    Stay safe man 🙂 .

    • You should come visit. I think you live closer to me than anyone else on here commenting. I’ll keep a NA beer cold for you.

      • I so would!! :O Except I think flying to Afghanistan would be a little on the other side of impossible for me.

        …..But since you’ve suggested visiting, here’s a serious proposal for you. I’m home in Muscat for the month of December for Christmas holidays. Come by if you can manage so much as half a day and I’d love to show you around the place 🙂 . Bring your own bacon.

        • Antony, I would but no military air lands there as far as I know. I will have to hit you up later. BTW, regular flights come into Kabul International daily if you want a REALLY exciting holiday…

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