It Lives

I have nothing to rant about right now, but I just finished picking my jaw up off of the floor after learning some truly astounding news.

Everyone’s favorite Blog Troll and Comment Lurker, John Erickson, has a blog.  Yes, you heard correctly: John Erickson has a blog.  Please go here to read it…

John Erickson

He features his story of a romantic relationship with a goat, or something like that.  I’ve clearly lost my finger on the pulse of blogworld since I know that Archon, the Wily Canadian (what’s that all aboot?) picked up this news first.  I claim age discrimination.

Why should you care?  If you know him, you’ll also realize this is your chance to completely hijack his blog comments and derail whatever topic he thought he would comment on.

Game on.


21 Responses to “It Lives”

  1. Good morning… I went on over to John’s blog… quite an Ode to Blackjack. Take it easy…

  2. Well…..I’ll be damned. I never thought I’d see the day. 😀

  3. I’m not sure what is going on…are you endorsing this goat lover and trying troll him back?

    Haha. Going to check it out.

  4. He is totally an ADD commenter! Waive something sparkly (or confederated) in front of his face and he’ll do a complete topic change mid-sentence!

  5. I have been so used to seeing comments from him it never occurred to me he didn’t have a blog of his own – I’ll have to go check it out! Thanks for introducing us!

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