Mea Culpa

I want to apologize to anyone posting a comment to the now-removed prior post.  Please believe me when I say that as a defender of your right to free speech, I do not desire to be an agent of action to restrict that freedom.

However, some comments posted clearly put me in a legally-tenuous position.  Rather than single out the perpetrator, I’ve opted to simply remove the entire post.  In the Army, mass punishment is usually quite effective.

Last, I’d like to apologize to everyone for any personal-life issues that have leaked out here where they don’t belong.  This isn’t a social network media, and I apparently was mistaken as to the degree to which people can take this seriously.  Rest assured I am taking steps to end that silliness.

Any mistakes or offenses in the past I take on myself.  I started this problem, and I’ll end it.

Thanks for your continued understanding.

— BrainRants


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