Random Thought # 42

Have you ever noticed that even though they’re both composed of the same material, you get a radically different reaction if you send someone a clipping of your hair as opposed to clippings from your fingernails?


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  1. I was genuinely starting to wonder why people when given the choice preferred motorboating JMccarthy to taking a sandbag to the side of their face ….. We’re a queer race :O .

  2. Um, okay…are you sending a secret lover some snippets of you?

    • No. I’ve donated enough DNA for one lifetime.

    • God this is killing me, I can’t take it another minute. hey Jamie, ever thought about ditching that husband of yours and taking up with Brainrants? I know, I know, I’m so so bad. I’ll shut up. or will I? I just think you two have some good chemistry. okay, okay, I know I’m dead. I’m know I’m the devil incarnate. My marriage falls apart and now I want to see everyone one else hook up. dumb dee dumb dumb….yes, I am so going to press post…..

      and don’t forget to send him your nail clippings!

  3. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    At least you didn’t say clippings from your toenails….just sayin’

  4. Van Gogh found that one out the hard way.

  5. Actually, no, I’ve never noticed that. Never even thought about it.
    But hey, thanks for putting that in my head…

  6. Actually, that’s only a Western thing. The Japanese pilots during WW2 sent home fingernail clippings. Then again, they WERE kamikaze, so maybe hair WOULD work better, in the long run. 😉

  7. Hmm, sometimes I wonder about you dude. Well, off to groom.

  8. It’s always nice to send either with a nice Chianti on the side. Just to be polite.

  9. feel free to send us all your nail clippings. We’ll all put them up on shrine and worship them like a God. you can send hair too if you’d like. but please don’t send any other biologicals.

  10. screw that. what did you say your mailing address is? I’m sending you my nail clippings. clearly this is your subtle way of saying that you want us all to send our nail clippings. toe clippings too.

    you’re a sick sick bastard.

    • No address for you.

    • Fuck, are you drunk again?

      • nope. just jolly fucking happy. and bored. and looking to stir up trouble. I’ve often found your blog is one of the best places to do that. *shit eating grin*

        seriously, it’s looking like my own personal D-day is not going to be an asshole about this and may go out like a lamb. So far he’s agreed to all my demands, er…requests. We’ll see….he’s fully capable of showing up at the 11th hour with some kind of heinous surprise. in the meantime, I am happy and making trouble on your blog.

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