I hope this post goes off correctly with the scheduling function, because this is another important one. In case you’re a young one, or otherwise busy and preoccupied like most of us get, take a minute to recall today’s date: June 6th.

The significance of today is the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy in 1944. Part of Operation Overlord, Neptune was the amphibious portion of what historians still argue about in terms of size – it probably remains the largest operation of its kind in history.

Approximately 160,000 Allied troops, of which 73,000 were Americans, participated in this operation which was the initial blow against German forces occupying France. The weather nearly cancelled the entire invasion, and had history been slightly different, the invasion would have gone forward on June 5th. The odds were not good, and General Eisenhower went so far as to pen a message taking personal responsibility for the Allies’ failure to successfully establish a beachhead.

I’ve have actually met a veteran of Normandy. He was a high-school friend of my father, and both men remained close into later life, and while Dad wound up in the Army Air Corps in India, this gentleman defied the odds and survived the experience at Normandy to become a Judge and father himself. I had the honor of meeting him, shaking his hand, and thanking him for making my own service even possible.

There aren’t many World War II veterans left. If you know one or still have one in the family, give them a call and tell them, “Thank you,” today.

43 Responses to “Overlord”

  1. Nice post, Rants. Hope all is well.

  2. Amen to that, Rants.

    My wife and I re-watched the 1998 Spielberg movie, Saving Private Ryan earlier this year. We were glad we did – its gritty realism had faded over those 14 years. (How time flies!)

    SavingPrivate Ryan is, in my opinion, the best, most realistic film depiction of that historic amphibious assault and I highly recommend it, especially to any young people who might not be aware of just how close the world came to a Nazi-controlled world.

  3. Well said. And even though I don’t know many vets or currently serving soldiers, I’ll keep them all in my thoughts anyway.

  4. Thank you for this post. My dad, a medic, was in the Normandy invasion. It was a brutal fight. So many young men lost in the assault.
    Even recently when meeting friends from France, they always thank those US soldiers for fighting. They haven’t forgotten…too many in the US have.
    Once again, thanks – and take care yourself.

  5. I can only imagine that Saving Private Ryan is the most realistic scene of Normandy but not even a hair close to what it was really like. The movie made me cry in the first ten seconds, so I can’t even imagine what it was like in real life

  6. You’ve inspired me to dig up my Dad’s service records! I do know he was an airplane mechanic in the Army Air Corps, and stationed primarily on Corsica, later in the War… I never heard any D-Day stories, so I’m thinking that he hadn’t enlisted yet.

    Blessings to you and your crew in the Sandbox, and to every Vet anyone here knows…

    Karen J

    • Interesting. My father was in the AAC but in India.

    • John Erickson Says:

      Karen- Any idea what planes he worked on? I’m VERY much into the technology of the time, especially aircraft. I’d love to hear any stories you might have from your Dad!

  7. John Erickson Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, buddy. No worries on my end – I had the 48-star, the Union Jack, and the Canadian Red Ensign out. My beloved RHLI and Coldstream Guard may not have participated, but we gotta mark those days anyway!
    And as to Private Ryan, a fellow re-enactor (who owns several US tanks) went to a premiere with several D-Day veterans. Two had to be helped to the exits, and 2 others left under their own power, all four literally flashing back to the day and in tears. I think that’s the best tribute to the reality of the landing sequence.

  8. savor Says:

    I guess this would be a really inappropriate post for me to show up drunk and tell everyone that I filed for divorce on monday and he got served on Tuesday and now…hiccup….I’m wandering around the internet.

    • John Erickson Says:

      Not really, in a weird way. Both your divorce and the Normandy invasion have freed innocent lives from tyranny and oppression, both are a tale of both loss and courage, and both are a turning point toward a happier and brighter future.
      Just don’t wander TOO far in your condition, dear lady. Better to have you sitting in a chair writing weird comments here, than out trying to drive around and endangering yourself (and others, but you most importantly).
      Take care!

      • savor Says:

        I’m not wandering anywhere, except to maybe pick up my remote control, or my glass of wine. wow. is it really only 9:42? I spent the whole day with clients and one of them decided to pick today to confess all his sins to me. damn I love my job. seriously, I love my job. I’m sitting there thinking HOLY SHIT i LOVE MY JOB! This guy has been a very very very bad boy and he wants to pay me $150 an hour to tell me all about it – he’s so ashamed and he wants to look a woman in the face and tell her the truth but he also wants to stay married to his wife who is kind of adolescent – yeah, I get paid to hear this shit. and lest you think tht i’m a bad person for saying all this stuff I really can help him, I know what I’m doing trust me I’m a professional.

        ha ha what a joke, I’m trained in marriage and family therapy yet my own fucking husband is nuttier than a nut tree. well I know better, I know that you can’t make anyone do anything they aren’t willing or ready to do and fuck it turns out that person is my husband so now I’m divorceing him and now I have to live with the guilt of abandoning him and yeah we all know how hard that is for me.

        I’d stick by a psychopath if he’d managed ot earn my loyalty and yeah I really need to get over that.

        have I mentioned how much I love writing while drunk? damn this is FUN!

        • John Erickson Says:

          Trust me, you’re not the first marriage counselor I’ve encountered who got divorced. I think it’s the reason why so many programmers hate dealing with their PCs at home. You deal with the crap all day long, you don’t want to deal with it at home, as well.
          Sorry, but I’m gonna have to sign off for the night. The wife’s out the door at 6am for her work, so I gotta be up to help her get going. And women do this “housewife” stuff all their lives? I’m impressed – I’ve done it for about 5 years now, and it’s making me crazy! Okay, crazy-ER.
          Goodnight, all! 😀

      • I say let her drive. I’m in Afghanistan and safe.

        • savor Says:

          BRAINRANTS! HI! man it’s been too long. How the hell are you?

        • John Erickson Says:

          Yeah, but she’s too much fun to lose to an accident. Better to keep her around for future entertainment! (Oh lord, that was COLD! 😯 )

    • John Erickson Says:

      Could you send me an Email address for you? You can send it via my squidge or omnicity accounts, either one is good.

      • savor Says:

        email address? I have no email addresses anymore. I deleted them all. except of course for the ones I actually use in real life. besides I have no record of your email addresses anymore I deleted everything. wow this writing while drunk this is kind of fun. let’s just talk on Brainrants blog. by the way, me and Jamie are meeting up in California this summer! I’m so excited! She’s going with my crazy family to the san diego zoo.

        • savor Says:

          D. was really angry when he got served. boy was he pissed off. but what did he expect? me to let him keep fucking me over. Hi D., by the way, I’m filing for divorce so if you want to do anything else to screw me over you’d better do it real fast because once everything is filed you are required by law to stop fucking me over. boy I love to write while drunk.

    • Having your own D-Day, I see… literally. So damn glad you appreciate the historical significance of why you didn’t file your paperwork in German or Japanese.

      • savor Says:

        yup. wine and icecream. the cure for the common divorce.

      • savor Says:

        I do appreciate it Brainrants. Again, I’m very sorry. Do you think the WWII veterans would be happy knowing they served so nice ladies like me could be free to make an ass of themselves online? Wait…don’t answer that….

    • no not inappropriate. How do I contact you? That’s all I want to know. email me at this email for now. It’s a temp. runamuckwidiots@gmail.com I will give you my real one later. Diana

  9. savor Says:

    hELLOOOOOOO JOHN? where are you? I’m counting on you to keep me company while I’m slurping my wine.

    • John Erickson Says:

      Sorry, I need to go off and get things ready for tomorrow, so the wife can get to work. Housework – YUCK!
      Can you go curl up with a good movie while I desert you? I promise to be around tomorrow morning, so we can resume from there. (Hate to be a killjoy, but it’s after 11pm here, and the wife’s 6am reveille comes AWFULLY early! 😀 )

      • savor Says:

        John, I love you dearly but you are such a lying chicken shit. If you don’t want to deal with a drunk almost-divorcee, then just say so. I wouldn’t want to deal with me either.

        Have I mentioned that to get ride of some of this aggression I’ve taken up Karate lessons. that and I’ve developed a crush on the cute just got his black belt teacher. yup. I still got it. thank god. one wonders when you get over forty. a little karate a little flirting. I’m ready to seriously kick someones ass. I want to fucking beat the shit out of someone.

        oh drunk, oh drunk, let me count the ways how I love thee oh drunk.

        could I date this teacher? I don’t know. maybe he’ll get naked with me and we won’t have to talk about such details. he seems like a terribly cute and terribly nice man. tall dark and handsome and blue eyes! what a surprise! I wasn’t expecting that in someone so dark complected. and he seems so quiet and contained. but do we have anything in common other then our mutual wish to make eye contact? plus I con’t mind that he could seriously beat the shit out fo someone if he wanted to.

        fortunately he’s my karate teacher so there is no hurry. I’ll just punch and kick other students senseless and maybe impress him with my amazing atheletic ability. have I mentioned before that I’m actually a pretty good athlete?

        this guy is a tiny bit nerdy and damn I love men like that. no wedding ring. hmmmm….. smacks of a potential post divorce fling. post divorce romance? post divorce flirtation. I don’t care, he was sweet to my little daughter and that enamored me to him right away.

        have I mentioned yet that I LOVE TO WRITE WHILE DRUNK?!

        • John Erickson Says:

          Well, I lied a bit (after the post) as I got sand-bagged by another online friend in need of World War 2-stuff assistance. Now that I’ve missed my first attempt to go take care of stuff in the kitchen and basement, I’m gonna go try again. So I’ll say goodnight again, and with any luck, I’ll get there this time! 😀

  10. Savor Says:

    Brainrants and all, please accept my apology for being so inappropriate and disrespectful to our WWII veterans. I met a number of them when I worked at the VA, I have seen several of the movies.

    Thank you Brainrants for such a wonderful post.

  11. savor Says:

    Brainrants and all, I am very sorry about my comments from last night. I have nothing but respect and reverance for our WWII veterans and I regret sharing my private struggles on a post meant to honor them.

    Thank you Brainrants for such a wonderful post.

  12. Nice to see Savor back, drunk and all. Where is MrsRants? Blog running yet? I need a link!

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