LIVE! From Kabul…

It’s Saturday… I think. I am totally confused about this time zone difference over here on the other side of the planet. What’s new, though, right? Rants being confused…

I know this post has been moderately anticipated by all of you out there. To be completely honest, I’ve been here since the first of the month. However, Afghanistan being Afghanistan, add a factor of 2.7 to any time estimate you come up with regarding how long shit ought to take to get set up.

Also, this post is fully live – no scheduled auto-post panzie-assed shit here. If you carefully smell the electrons, you can smell the eau de Kabul. Yummy. Actually, I can’t complain because by comparison (on my last Afghan sabbatical) Kandahar is just a foul pothole in the parking lot of Hell. That’s what a bubbling, festering lake of human waste will do to the air quality. The air here merely smells like burning things.

The camp here is actually interesting, and bonus of bonuses, it has trees. Real, actual trees. You have no idea what a difference greenery makes toward your overall disposition. Apparently back in the day, the US outright bought an entire city block and converted the houses over to offices. For sleeping spots, we have shipping containers stacked three high with stairs welded on, showers tucked in, and awesome 1970’s-esque faux wood paneling. Overall, it creates a rabbit-warren effect, so paying attention is critical.

Anyway, I used my three days productively and I’m set up with a place to sleep, I know where the places to eat are and I am gainfully employed in the assisting of bringing large amounts of hurt upon the enemy. Even better, we have normal temperatures here. On the downside, we’re around 5900 feet above sea level, so breathing here requires paying attention as well.

So… what did I miss?


58 Responses to “LIVE! From Kabul…”

  1. Not missing anything here. Same ol’ same ol’. Just come back safe and sound.

  2. Folly & the Wrong Men Says:

    yeah me neither. nothing much going on in my life these days. I’ve felt like our little blog world has been shifting around a bit, trying to figure out the new balence without daily brainrants. plus you always used to show up like clockwork, and now you pop up randomly. but yes your blog has been “moderately” anticipated. we’re all about moderation around here.

  3. You missed it…jr. Seau killed himself! But you are probably used to people doing that in your neck of the woods…glad you got there safely…

  4. “The air here merely smells like burning things”

    Like tires? 😦
    Or, like rope? :/
    Or, maybe like steak???

    Just curious.

  5. You missed that one of the Beastie Boys died. Adam Yauch aka MCA.

  6. John Erickson Says:

    Be sure to pick out a couple alternate sleep areas. I’m sure you know of the pleasures of sleeping underneath armour. I can personally recommend the back ends of deuce-and-a-halfs – they usually don’t hold the heat like a big chunk of tank or IFV can. If you can get to the trees (both physically and lawfully), nothing beats a snooze among the branches.
    I’ve heard M113s are supposed to shed heat faster ’cause of their aluminum hulls, but I ain’t buying that! 😀

  7. I hit the beach for you, but actually, trying to imagine what you described seems more interesting.

  8. Yeah, it’s Saturday, although, your week may vary. Never been above 3500 feet, and that was in a car. Neither of the planes I’ve ridden in got much above two grand. Somewhat intermittant, but you’re still the anchor to a lot of our realities. Sleep safe, and cool.

  9. Aahh, might I suggest ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A thousand splendid suns’ by Khaleed Hosseini while you’re in Afghanistan if you already haven’t read them?

    That aside, What’s the food scene like?

  10. Glad you are safe, you have been missed. I have to go back to work starting next week, so I am going to be more intermittent on my posts as well. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Dunno what you missed but I missed you. Glad to hear from you x

  12. You’re still hanging in! So totally awesome… Yes, Seau and MCA died.. 😦 So sad.
    On the flip side… I am stoked that you have trees.. trees do make a huge hell of a difference..
    Great to hear from you, Rants!

  13. Up through the atmosphere . . . up where the air is clear . . . remember to keep breathing!

  14. Glad to see you alive and well, albeit in the vicinity of a lake of human waste. On an ironic note, I’ll Have Another won the Kentucky Derby yesterday.

  15. why am I here in a handbasket? Says:

    a woman who resembles a leather purse is accused of taking her child into a tanning booth with her. joe biden is all about gay marriages now. a fatso is suing southwest airlines because they’re making her pay for two seats. dead body at churchill downs. sarkozy admits defeat. you’re missing a shit load of stuff. any fruit on those trees?

  16. Glad to hear you’re making out okay. In my world, D1 passed chemistry (yee ha!), I had to buy new tires for car (third set in 3 years) and it’s foggy here…not surprising, but a pain in the ass. Stay safe!

  17. Glad the weather’s not too bad. Good to hear from you.

  18. Well, Timmy scored a triple in the big game, and Lulu asked out Michael for the fifth grade dance.
    Reverend Parsons gave a great sermon on cheeze whiz, and Dolly made one of her fantastic pies for the potluck!

    And in real news, you’re missing the next stage of Election Cycle Stupidity.
    Maybe missing is the wrong word…

  19. Kabul sounds like a step up from Kandahar! The real question though is how does the mess hall compare to dining in Kuwait? And is any of the local cuisine any good? The foodie in me needs to know! Glad you’re safe and love seeing a new post. 🙂

    “bringing large amounts of hurt upon the enemy” – Go Rants!

  20. New blog idea .. “Rants recipes” food in the trenches. I’d subscribe ..

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  22. Lessee…what is going on in the Northwest…Spring. Finally. Sun, sun, rain-rain-rain, sun. Repeat.

  23. Just began following you….read back a few months’ worth.. Quite the journey…can’t imagine…well..I guess I can since you’re doing the sharing… Looking forward to what’s to come.

    • Thanks for joining, and you might want to fasten your seat belt.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hmmm…you think?! Princess and the Pea living on the edge…it has a good ring… Takes it up a notch from red wine and chocolate to end the day….lol.

        • Maybe, but I’m not very princess-y.

          • you don’t strike me as ‘princess-y’ AT ALL! But I am…not so much tiara and pink..but really extra sensitive in many ways. However….I could come up w/ a camo tiara if you think it would come in handy. don’t really strike me as the red wine and chocolate kind of guy…more of the good beer and stogie kind. All good.

          • No stogies. The other hand busy holding the next beer.

  24. Trying to catch up with reading – have been wondering how you are doing. Trees do make a difference.

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