Adieu… For Now… Sort Of… Shit, Did I Just Use French?

This post, as you read it, is in your personal “now.” However, I wrote this one several days ago in a warm, loving cloud of Coors in which I could be properly sappy about all this emotional bullshit. Yeah, as a prototypical male, I am mainly disconnected from my ongoing emotional state at any given moment and really, really prefer it that way. Thanks.

Anyway, this post serves you all notice in a way. I’m scheduling this into your “now,” the 20th of April, because as some of you read this, I am on an airplane headed to train a little bit at Fort Benning, and then another series of planes (three or four) that will take me into Afghanistan. This notice also lets you know that whereas I’ve posted daily – sometimes more – since August of 2011, I have to disappoint you and let you know that for the next year, there’s going to be no predictability as to when I will post. Sorry.

Now, when I say I’m sorry, I really am in spite of my emotionally-cardboard nature. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this rollercoaster ride in the blogosphere and met… “met”… some interesting friends. To all of those friends, I’d say:

“Thank you for all of your continued reading, comments, and support. You all are the ones that made this fun.”

So here is the good news: I have no plans on totally discontinuing this blog. Realistically, I can’t assume I’ll have either A) the connectivity, or B) the time during an 18-hour day to keep up my ranty metronome of spew. But, I do think that I’ll be able to manage at least once per week. At least that is what I hope for. Results may vary. Tax, title, and registration fees included. Small-print talk spoken very very fast.

Comment as much as you’d like, as always, but again I cannot guarantee I’ll get to responding as I like to the way I used to. Overall, the good news is that in only a year this will be over and y’all can split your guts all you need to reading my outraged shit.

Thanks for your support, comments, and loyalty. It has meant a lot to me.

48 Responses to “Adieu… For Now… Sort Of… Shit, Did I Just Use French?”

  1. Safe journeys Rants. I’ll take the posts when I can get ’em. Do let us know when you get settled … and if you need anything just shout. I meant it when I said I’d send care packages. 😉

  2. Bye fow now Rants. Take care. Be well. Be badass.

  3. Take it easy over there. And if you blow up anything cool, please send or post pics.

  4. Take care, safe journies and may the force be with you. Kinda didn’t know what else to say

  5. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Sappy Nerd~Boy. (just come home safely, dammit)

  6. For some time now you have been my first read with my morning coffee. I will miss knowing that your post is waiting for me when I wake up but now I look forward to the suprise! Thank you for your service, best wishes, be safe and “give-em-hell!” Just trying to think of something John Wayney to interject there.

  7. XOXO. Avidazein. I’m sure I spelled that incorrectly, but hey- if you can speak French, I can speak Austrian.

  8. Have a safe journey Brian…. And stay safe ok. 🙂 It’s been an insane amount of fun reading up on all the nuttiness, more so for me I’d like to think and I’m definitely going to miss the constant stream of un relenting judgement unleashed on this much deserving world.

  9. All the John Wayne swagger aside, be safe, stay alert, make friends with the dogs. War is hell – no way around it – not nice or pretty – and combatants don’t always play fair. Thanks for going there for us. Know we will worry about you. (DON’T take pictures and post them. ) Someday the politicians who start the wars will have to actually physically be on the battle grounds. Keep your head down. We’ll keep the bar-b-que at ready.

  10. Be well, be safe, and be bloggin’!

  11. We’ll miss you! Take care of yourself! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Does Brain Rants have a facebook account? I would love to follow on it.

  12. Rock the hell on, Rants. Be safe, be smart, be you.
    Wait – the last covers the first two, doesn’t it? 😉

  13. Rich Crete Says:

    A toast! To Rants. We all raise our glasses to you.

  14. savorthefolly Says:

    Have a safe trip Rants. You’ll be missed.

  15. Good luck. Come back safe.

  16. John Erickson Says:

    Fitting that this post was written in your past, for our future. Once again, you put your future on hold to protect ours. You have given us so many great yesterdays, both with your rants and your service.
    Now go take care of YOUR future, so I can harass you in MY future.
    (Dang, I think I just conjugated a time-space continuum there! 😉 )

  17. I wish you nothing but the best. Not to sound cliche, but, we love ya, man.

  18. Best of luck and take care of yourself! My brother is at Camp Nathan Smith.

  19. 😦
    Made me feel all sappy.
    Be safe, read you soon!

  20. […] Adieu…For Now…Sort Of… at BrainRants. One of my absolute favorite bloggers, BR is headed overseas to Afghanistan to serve our country. I salute him and I sure as hell know I’ll miss his wonderful demented humor. […]

  21. I hate you for leaving you jerk. Don’t stop, please. just do what I do and save up a whole bunch of blog posts.

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