Random Thought #40

Fuck it. That’s it. I’m drinking my ass out of the frame tonight.

Which frame? The frame of:

  • – reference
  • – reality
  • – existence
  • – the window

… your choice.

Post-Publishing Notes    : As-of 1529 hrs CDT, drinking has commenced.

1848 hrs CDT: 9+ beers engaged and destroyed…

2123 hrs CDT: 14+ down… *hic*


25 Responses to “Random Thought #40”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Well, let ‘er rip tater chip. Enjoy.

  2. Pick any or all and try and remember some so we get a good story!

  3. Perfect way to spend an evening.

  4. John Erickson Says:

    You have to wait for an appropriate time to start drinking because of the neighbors? It’s the dang neighbors that MADE you start drinking, no? 😀
    Skip the frame of reference, it’s too limiting. Just because everybody SAYS the Earth is round doesn’t mean you have to BELIEVE it’s round. After all, haven’t you travelled to the ends of the earth? 😉

  5. you should totally drink yourself out of the frame of the window (from the first floor) cause that would be funny as hell (if you didn’t grossly injure yourself).

    Have fun! I personally no longer drink because I have drank myself out of each frame you mentioned… ha! Great stories, though.

  6. Doin’ fine! Thanx fer askin’. Read you every day, but your increased wolf-pack usually covers any inane comments I might have. Also, starting to pump out a few more posts of my own than before.

  7. I don’t suppose you’re still drinking, are you? If the answer is no, then dammit, I’m always late for the party. If the answer is yes, then holy crap, that’s impressive!

  8. Bottoms UP!

    Let us know if you found anything interesting in the bottom of the glass. 😉

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