Rant: In The Name of [Diety] – Part Two

So in my opening salvo that will probably get this web site completely hacked, bombed and Jihad-ified, I expressed my displeasure with organized religion. Note that I limited this to just that: organized religion. To review, I’ll state that my problem really stems with someone with equal or lesser educational experience telling me what to think about a particular text that ultimately was written by human beings. Yeah, I have an authority issue or two.

In that post, I said I’d outline my personal beliefs in rant format. Here you fucking go:

I have no idea whether or not there is a supreme diety, and honestly I don’t care. Why? Because to be honest, no matter how omnipotent this dude or dudette is, s/he probably could give a fuck or less about what I am thinking, doing or better yet, doing when nobody is watching me. There is really – really – more important shit to worry about in this plane of existence than me.

I do tend to think there is some kind of ordering force, or organizing function to our existence. Some folks call it entropy, but that’s really the opposite (scientifically speaking) of what’s at work. In those – scientific terms – it is known as enthalpy. Yeah, I studied thermodynamics. Essentially what I’m saying is that in spite of a tendency toward disorder, our universe still shows a remarkable trend along orderly lines. You could also call this “physics.”

Along the lines of universes, I’ve read a lot of shit about particle physics and such, and in case you don’t know it, there is well-constructed theory behind the notion that we exist in an 11-dimensional reality, perhaps on a thin slice of that reality called a membrane that gives us our normal four dimensions we’re used to. Interestingly and because of this, we could be considered shadows cast by higher dimensional beings. Sounds kind of like god to me… from a certain point of view… dunno.

No matter what, if you made it past grade school and can read, there is no sane reason why you cannot interpret for yourself whatever written word you structure your beliefs around. I fully acknowledge the power of human belief – it has created empires and accomplishments. I believe I’ll believe what the hell I want, and everyone else can get the fuck off my front porch. Interestingly, and I have no idea what this observation really means, but I do see that one person’s belief is useless (beyond that individual) without another person to either accept or oppose it. Think about that shit.

I really hope I have not lost readership over these two posts, but I imagine I will, and so be it. I’ve often said that I’m about as subtle as a 2×4 straight in the teeth, and this does not belie that statement. Like me or hate me, I am what I am, and I’ll believe what I damn well want. One thing is certain, if you’re on the fence here, you can count on me to not judge you by your own beliefs.

27 Responses to “Rant: In The Name of [Diety] – Part Two”

  1. Cool … another physics geek! OK, don’t hit me. I say “geek” in the nicest possible way, being one myself. 😉

    I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said here and do not understand those who prefer to have another interpret what they should believe. Makes no sense to me at all. Then again, I have issues with authority too.

  2. There should be no pitchforks and torches for freedom of thought/speech, at least not in this country. Philosophize on, dude.

  3. I’ve often said to people that if there is a disembodied mind some call God that conceived and created these vast universes in all of their complexity that God would be as interested in humans as a species as most humans are in ant farms.

  4. Amen! Ummmm….or right on!

  5. America…fuck yeah!

  6. You are allowed to believe whatever you want! You are respectful so no one should be offended and if they are – they can get the F off your porch!

  7. The Force. Strong it is, but “god” it necessarily is not.

  8. Rich Crete Says:

    Religion is like a penis.
    It’s OK to have one and even be proud of it.
    No one else wants to talk about it.
    Don’t wave it in public.
    Keep it away from children.

  9. “Religion is like a…” *quickly writing this shit down* Gotta save and disseminate that gem! Thanx, Crete!

  10. ah, religion… you believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want and we’ll all be happy little maggots.

    Peeps who push their views on others are soooo punchable.

    I have a Satanic Bible on my coffee table just in case some Jehovah’s Witnesses stop by.

  11. People don’t ever have to agree with your opinion. It is your opinion. People just need to respect each others opinions. The whole subject is so personal that people just need to get over other people not agreeing with their own feelings.

  12. John Erickson Says:

    And remember, Einstein once said something to the effect of “I don’t study physics to find God. I study it to figure out how He made things work”. Or something like that. When I worked with some of the uber-Geeks out at Fermilab, several of them fervently believed in a Supreme Deity that organised the chaos of what could be into the order of what is. And most of them had more letters after their names than IN their names! 🙂

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