Rant: In The Name of [Diety] – Part One

Hi friends and neighbors, I’m here to piss you off today. Why? That’s what I do. How? The usual – point out ridiculous inconsistencies and inherent stupidity that might possibly infest your wetware and Upper Brain Housing Group. Before you start spray painting pentagrams on my lawn in flaming gasoline (which could only help the grass and add a great creepy mood that suits me well, thank you), I am not un-religious. I think I’ll add a close-up in Part Two that will outline my personal beliefs and why I think this way.

My problem isn’t really with God, or with the idea of religion or belief. My problem is with organized religion, and the notion that you have to all agree that there is one certain interpretation of some document so that you can sit around and hate other groups who dare to take differing views, often of the same worn-out paperwork. It all comes down to – in my opinion – a version of the stupid high school “our group is so much cooler than your group” mentality. I have no time or patience for that fuckery, because these groups spawn like ferrets, each successive one claiming to be “more true to [insert diety’s name] here and his [book, teachings, purple kool aid murder].” I’d start my own fundamentalist cult in order to shove the poor Pentacostal kid into a locker and cut the line into Heaven, but I’m busy at the moment getting ready to go cap some Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadis… thanks.

I have been in many different churches, and have read more than I should about other religions. I say that because the more I dig into and understand, the more disgusted I get with the entire construct. I am personally offended by the notion that as a college-educated, responsible adult, I am risking damnation because I won’t sit in an uncomfortable seat for two hours on one particular day of the week so that I can have someone with equal or lesser education tell me what to think about the alleged word of God, which by the way happens to have been written entirely by mere humans. And, in some cases (too many) communicated by someone who would rather be sodomizing the poor nerdy kid in the choir than providing meaningful interpretation of the purported word. In my world, this smells a lot like a method of control, and guess who’s got a serious problem with authority?

More injustice and inhumanity has been dealt to other humans in the name of God (or whatever name you choose) than for any other cause in history, and there’s enough blood out there for everyone to have some on their hands. I could cite historical examples, but suspect I’d lose most of you quickly to boredom in a very, very long blog post. In my eyes, the zealots who are willing to spit on the dead of our nation at their funerals because they see dead Soldiers as God’s retribution for certain sexual preferences are identically equal to the zealots who are willing to park a jet aircraft in a skyscraper or two because it is a “holy” thing to do and they want their 77 virgins. I did just say that: identically equal. The logic of each side’s beliefs shatters in my mind, probably because there is no logic.

This shit makes me wish for an afterlife so I can return and haunt some backward fuckers. As I said, I’ll follow this up with a very brief outline in rant format of what my own personal thoughts on ‘god’ and ‘religion’ are. If you want to comment, as always, feel perfectly free… but don’t be a douchebag and start bombing out my post.


48 Responses to “Rant: In The Name of [Diety] – Part One”

  1. My problem is when people take the written gospels too literally. Most of the stories are metaphors i believe to dramatize the message being sent.

    “Give 10% of your income to the lord” at my mom’s church they said when i was 16. I’m taking the bus to school while the pastor’s son is driving a subaru impreza to class. -_-

    you seem to a broad mind check out !


  2. Amen! Reminds me of the saying the world would be a better place without politics and perfect without religion.

  3. You’ve said it far better than I could. Always liked this quote by Robert Heinlein regarding deity: “Men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child.” Amen brotha.

  4. Preach it! Testify! Amen!

    I suffer from Post Traumatic Catholic School Disorder- I left that cult many moons ago and never looked back.

    Organized Religion is by far the worst representation of God that I have ever seen. The God I follow is about ‘Loving One Another, no matter what’, and not ‘hating one another in my name’. Those 2 things simply do not belong in the same diety.

    Awesome post!

  5. Amen, brother.

  6. savorthefolly Says:

    oh sorry, douchebags aren’t welcomed here? *wanders off*

  7. I prefer my wife’s religion – dyslexia. That way, “Dog is my Co-pilot”.
    Besides, “woof” is so much more fulfilling than “Amen”. 😉

  8. As usual, you’ve hit it exactly. It’s all about opinions, driven by ego and insecurity. This is what my never-to-be-written book is about, and the fact that you have done it so much better than I ever could, is why mine will never be written. You, and most of those here, can Think! Damn It! Think!

  9. My religious mindset was shaken first by reading a book of george orwell essays and seeing how uncannily similar practical catholic ideology was with Judaism. Kind of takes the air out of your sails when EVERYBODYS system inforces a message of “We’re the special-ist because we REALLY have the truth”.

  10. Also, how did you end up in the army (and stay) if you have a problem with authority? Like, I would consider joining if I just got to shoot people, but I’d probably end up shooting my own team if I had a guy screaming in my face and controlling everything I did.

  11. savorthefolly Says:

    I have a serious problem with a religion in which the two most prominent women are a whore and a virgin mother. WTF? Seriously? It’s like the entire religion has the midset of an adolescent boy who can’t grasp that women and mothers can be both sexual, and good people.

  12. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Whenever I read or talk to someone that mentions God, I usually try to be respectfully quiet – as long as they are not judging me or trying to ‘recruit’ me over to their way of thinking. I do not buy into organized religion. I find God’s beauty and peace in nature. I think there are many people who make sacrifices for the good of others and I find faith in that.

    • All these comments seem to be along those lines. Funny people say religion is dying in America. I think we’re just sick of the ‘organized’ part of it.

  13. I think you’re spot-on with a lot of this. Hatred in the name of a god is one of the things that bothers me everytime I travel, you see it in almost every culture, every religion. From human sacrifice, to crusades, to jihad it’s all still mayhem using a god as a tool/excuse to destroy and often to seize power. I have my own faith/beliefs and they heavily influence my actions, but I’ve become wary of being involved with denomenations or anything of the sort for the same reasons you outlined. Faith has all too-frequently been reduced to juvenile mind-games, super-secret clubs, and blind sheep herds – it’s infuriating.

  14. Yup. Organized religion is even more EVIL than Saran Wrap. 😀

  15. I agree with you whole-heartedly on organized religion – to me it’s been used way too often to justify outrageous acts.
    My worry in all of this is who is teaching our children about faith? I believe there are some people (like extremists of any kind) whose children should be given a chance to see faith from other angles as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will & so extremism will be passed down through generations just as organized religion has been passed down. Is there a good answer for this?

  16. The biggest problem I have with religion in general is that those who are “in charge” (and usually the organizing factor) fail to remember that spirituality and religion are NOT the same thing, Or maybe they do remember, but fooling the weak minded is so much better for lining their pockets … (me? cynical? nah)

    OK, just for fun, here’s one of my favorite quotes from TV: “I don’t object to the concept of a deity but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.” Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory 🙂

  17. […] in my opening salvo that will probably get this web site completely hacked, bombed and Jihad-ified, I expressed my displeasure with organized religion. Note that I limited this to just that: organized religion. To review, I’ll state that my […]

  18. Shimoniac Says:

    I have read two bumper stickers that crystallize my thoughts pretty well. First one states “I (heart) Jesus, it’s his followers I can’t stand.”. The second one pleads “God save me from your followers.”

  19. People automatically assume that if you don’t go to church you don’t believe in God. Amazing how people think you are only “official” if you do both. I know personally I’m more spiritual than many people I have met that go to church. And guess what? I accept everyone as they are. I’m pretty sure God does too.

  20. Cheers, I just stopped in to visit your site and thought I’d say thank you.

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