Random Thought #36

Rice Cakes… WTF? Was someone trying for a renewable source of styrofoam?


26 Responses to “Random Thought #36”

  1. Maybe someone was trying to come up with a hurricane-proof, durable foodsource for the aftermath. They fly and fall like manna, and can float. But in most circumstances, I also find them pretty useless. A faux-food. Do they make bacon-flavored rice cakes?

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:


  3. don’t knock rice cakes…throw a little chocolate syrup on them and YUMMY!

  4. Rice cakes were originally used to shore up the trenches in World War I. They found them reliable, and bulletproof. The war would have lasted about ten minutes were it not for the rice cakes.
    The seasoned ones are especially offensive. It’s like dressing up an ugly dog in a tutu and trying to pass it off as cute. I still know what’s underneath. And I still don’t like it.

  5. They are pretty gross. Not that I’d ever eat one!

  6. What an accurate observation!

  7. They make great skeet targets. Just saying. PULL!!!

  8. Yes, the International Styrofoam Coalition. (I.S.C)

  9. Hubby occasionally eats them … ick! I can’t stand ’em. I like the skeet shooting idea though. Guess I need to start shooting skeet so I can dispose of the damn things when hubby brings them home. 🙂

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