Why This Trip Is Awesome

Yeah, you guessed it: I got roped into another travel deal for my current but soon-to-be done job. It’s another of my typical trips where I climb on an airplane to go somewhere, then sit around talking and listening to people. The destination this time happens to be Arizona. Yeah, right, I know. However, were this a typical Winter, I’d give you your envy.

Anyway, so just how awesome is it that only a few blocks down the street from my hotel is an In-N-Out Hamburger? Yeah, it is that awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I dragged the three guys here with me from Kansas there to have one. They had never tried a Double Double, and yours truly got their In-N-Out cherry busted. I know that sounded dirty, but get your mind out of the gutter. This is all about the most awesome hamburger in the world.

I myself ate two of them. Hamburgers, not my co-workers. I am happy.

28 Responses to “Why This Trip Is Awesome”

  1. Have one for me before you leave, please…

  2. Pretty sure you’re co-workers are happy too. Not to have been eaten.

    I’m waiting for the weather to warm up before taking my girl 60 miles out for a burger at the worlds greatest drive through, so yeah, right now, you have my envy.

  3. There’s always a silver lining in the form of food.

  4. I love In N Out. It’s one of my favorites! What is a cherry busted? Is that a secret menu item?

  5. Keeping this short. Being on the east coast, no In-N-Out. Went to Vegas, only had time to experience one fast food place that we don’t have at home. Picked Jack In The Box. About a week after we got home, saw Tom Hanks on Leno raving about In-N-Out for a solid 10 ten minutes. Felt sad.

  6. John Erickson Says:

    Maybe you situation would be better if you HAD eaten either (or both) of your co-workers? Or would that require moving up the command chain for additions to the food chain?
    And now I have the song “Chain of Fools” running through my head. Thanks a lot! :p

  7. Gotta Love the In-N-Out. A former co-worker used to pack them in a cooler and drive them back from the Cal border to WA. Not quite as awesome as hot off the grill…

  8. What a wonderful surprise for you . . . the best part of travel is the FOOD and the VIEWS . . . but MOSTLY the food. ๐Ÿ˜€

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