Random Thought #35

Have you ever been running downhill and misjudged the slope, causing you to go faster and faster until you’re on the razor’s edge of an epic face-plant?

This is the story of my life. Just add the “Woo Hoo” song from that phone company commercial.


24 Responses to “Random Thought #35”

  1. One way or the other, gravity will take care of that.

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Hope things get better! (if it helps – I have lots n lots of those days…)

  3. A real fact,I too am facing a similar downhill run.God Bless us all.

  4. It’s that massive brain power that’s causing trouble ( or the big backpack)…ever watch little kids – that happens to them all the time because their heads are big and heavy – and once that head is out front, it’s over. Head long into trouble…. Head over heels…run with scissors ( no, that’s out of place) Anyway, you’re in good company!

  5. if you caught that on video it would make me very happy!

  6. (and I get it’s a metaphor…)

  7. I know this feeling well. The alternative to a bashed in nose is to lean the other way and risk a Charlie Brown style slip up resulting in some epic road rash on the back. Decisions, decisions…

  8. Pretty eerie…that happened to me when I was a kid, and Mom and Dad said I fell about 60 feet down a hillside. Lucky for me I was Spider-Girl and didn’t have so much as a scratch.

  9. A short story, quite pithy, sure to get a lot of readers even if they won’t pay very much.

  10. Good to know that stuff like that happens to other people too…

  11. Difference between you and me?? My walker’s brakes won’t hold! The final destination (don’t say that to an old person) ain’t fun, but the view on the ride there was spectacular.

  12. Yep, been there done that…literally and figuratively.

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