A Brief Pause In The Fight

At the moment I’m nipples-deep in the process of my boss leaving and the whole organization getting a new boss. This is no easy task, and we’re doing a series of information briefings to the New Guy to get him up to speed as much as possible.

Yes, this involves PowerPoint, and yes, both of my eye sockets are ready for sharp objects. In fact, my little circus’ briefing time was first and kicked off at 1300 sharp (that would be 1PM to most of you) yesterday. I continue it this morning and hoping to end by lunch. No, it’s not that me and my people like talking, it’s just that we are responsible for that much shit. And it’s all technical.

Anyway, locked away in an auditorium and forced to actually speak in blocks of English punctuated by, “Next slide, please,” is not an ideal way to brainrantstorm witty blog material, and the shit I am covering simply does not generate the awesome kind of statements or funny quotes I could scribble down to share later. Yeah, I am really that boring.

Anyway, today’s stopgap measure – I’m emulating Congress here – is the following link. I recommend making sure your volume is way down or headphones are on, and check out the related videos down the right side as well.

Link: Combat Mustache

I so wish I had time to do shit like this.

14 Responses to “A Brief Pause In The Fight”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Combat Mustache…ahem..(after watching that – I think you should quit dissin’ Rednecks on your blog…) just sayin’….and I’m sure you’re Never boring.

  2. Good luck with all the Powerpoint crap. So glad that’s not a part of my work life. I know what you men about the mundane sucking the blogging material out of you.

  3. have fun with your Power Point and sharp objects.. don’t hurt yourself …..too much.

  4. Do they give you mental fatigue pay when you have to do this much power pointing?

  5. I love corporate PowerPoint presentations as much as, well, a Power Point to the retina (a la The Joker.) And I have one tomorrow to attend. Must think of Combat Mustache the whole time.

  6. Well, TECHNICALLY speaking, your 1300 is my 1500 (you’re in Mountain time zone, right?). Although in my head, it’s actually 1400, as I’m still stuck in Central from my years in Chicago. Then there’s London, where your 1300 and my 1500 is 1900, and Berlin is 2000, and Australia is either tomorrow morning 0800 or 2 days from last week 1100 – I can never keep that straight.
    And don’t forget the Newfies (the people, not the dogs) who are 30 minutes fast. Or most Ohioans, who are about 150 years slow…..

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