AutoTopic: Name Three Countries You’d Like To Visit

I have to admit I couldn’t come up with any creative ways to violate this AutoTopic question’s intent, so you’re stuck with hearing about the top three countries I’d like to visit. This assumes of course I have the money to do it, but apparently that is the subject of yet another AutoTopic – or something like that. Not that this is likely to happen, but I can still dream, right?

So the two European and one Asian of the three countries are:

Scotland: No surprise here, right? And yeah, it sort of is a country by itself, but sort of not. Close enough. I envision this trip to be one long pub crawl, and some of that probably quite literally. With my face painted blue. Really, why waste a trip to the place where whiskey and Scotch were invented? This one would probably require a head-mounted internet camera, otherwise I’d never even remember about three quarters of the entire trip, and I’d have to have some reference point to watch when I finally get to try haggis. I’ll need a designated driver too, not only for the obvious reasons but also because I’ve been in England and the whole wrong-side driving freaks me the fuck out.

Italy: Food. Glorious, endless, delicious Italian food. Oh, and some kick-ass Roman ruins everywhere too. And then more food. Based on the amount of carbs implied by this vacation alone, I’d be forced to pick up a bike and pedal from the Alps down to Sicily just to burn off the calories I’d inhale every time I stopped. Seriously. “Italian” is a food group in my universe. As a history buff, though, the Roman and Renaissance stuff there would be truly epic to see in person.

Japan: Another one with a very long history that is interesting as hell. This is the country that brought us ninjas, Samurais, and their katanas. Truth be told, I’d probably spend most of my time and energy visiting the serene tea gardens and taking a fuck-ton of pictures. In truth, I’ve been in Japan four times, but I don’t count a layover in Narita Airport as a vacation. Admittedly, though, it is the cleanest airport I have ever seen. Also, let’s not forget sushi and the whole Japanese steakhouse thing. With enough Kirin I could probably embarrass the hell out of some sumo dude in an epic sushi-wrecking chow-down. I’d also be down for climbing Mount Fuji.

Knowing my predilection for awesome – well, okay, any – food and beer, it’s likely best that I don’t and won’t have the cash to actually take one or all of these trips, at least any time soon. I’d hate to have to visit any of these places in the context I normally get to visit other countries in.


43 Responses to “AutoTopic: Name Three Countries You’d Like To Visit”

  1. I saw Scotland and I was like ‘but of course….’

  2. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I vote you should go to Scotland, though you would probably stay in big bad troubles…I bet you would have a hell of a good time.

  3. I’ve been to Scotland and Italy…hope you manage to get there. As for me, I’d go South Africa in the off chance I could meet Sharlto Copley and have his kid.

  4. Geishas. Don’t forget Geishas. For, you know, the historical perspective they can provide on Japanese culture.

  5. Been to Scotland to see my ancestral homes, specifically the Borders region which always took the brunt of the English need to control. I haven’t yet seen the Highlands. You will love Scotland! They sure know how to prepare smoked salmon. The history is awesome with centuries-old abbeys and even some Roman ruins. If you’re interested, there’s a good book on the history of the southern Borders region: “The Borders” by Alistair Moffat…gives a good accounting of the English and the Scottish beating the crap out of each other. Hope you make it there!

  6. Excellent choices. All places with interesting stories and great histories.
    I like visiting anywhere that has ruins that I didn’t cause.

  7. Might be kind of hard to ski from the Alps to Sicicly…that body of water might get in the way.
    I have been to Italy and I drank and ate my way through there with bliss (and some serious hangovers).

  8. Lived in Japan for 3 years. Did all the things you want to do minus the Sumo guy challenge. Climbing Mt. Fuji was incredible. Except I found out I was extremely afraid of heights. I felt like I was going to fall backwards off the mountain the whole time. Months later, to make up for that excursion, we went north and visited Sapporo’s brewery and steak house. Good times, good times.

  9. Are you not a wine drinker? I think they pour it over their cereal in Italy…
    Fun post and blog. I am glad that I stopped by to take a peek!

  10. Good call on all of these, and you already have a perfect plan in place for if and when you do visit… Scotland tops my list too, gotta check out the fatherland.

  11. Charles N. Says:

    Australia, United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand

  12. What about Belgium? We have fries and beer and old looking cities.
    Oh, and a government! I’m still getting used to that myself.

  13. Poverty and allergies pretty much prevent any fly-to destinations. I’ve been to South Carolina, does that count? It’s a foreign country for me. Alas, no ruins, unless I count you and John E. Oh, wait! There was the Middleton Plantation, razed during the Civil War.

  14. John Erickson Says:

    I’ll second Scotland. I know it’s old hat to you, but I’ve never seen Deutschland. After that, it’d be a toss-up between a tour of Down Under and a slog through the Great White former Soviet Union. To see the fields of Prokhorovka, stroll through downtown Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad), and heck yeah, winter in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). I’d even figure a way to smuggle in my German uniform, just for some really fun pics! 😀
    (I’ll make that an entry on the Bucket List. My last entry, just in case! 😉 )

    • Yeah, the Russians might not find that entirely funny.

      • John Erickson Says:

        If I ever really did get to Russia, I’d be sure to pick up a fur hat and a cap badge or two, and refer to WW2 as “The Great Patriotic War”. I figure I have an in – there was a WW2 historian who wrote many books about the Soviet union, named (and I kid thee not) John Erickson. The Russians LOVED him, so I figure I can claim a relation and get the royal treatment! (Okay, based on Romanov history, I’ll accept the Commisar treatment! 😀 )

  15. I agree – I would prefer you do not visit any of your choices in your usual form of travel.
    Have I got a deal for you – Scotland & I’ll be your designated driver! Italy & I’ll be your designated driver! Then we would have to part – you can go to Japan & I’ll head for Australia. How’s that sound?

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