Auto Topic: What’s Your Favorite Summertime Sound?

By now you all know I am nearly genetically incapable of just answering one simple question when it comes to these Auto Topic gems. I elected to take a swing at this one because I am a big fan of Summer. The season, not some vapid bleach-blonde incapable of drowning who does art films. Digressing… Anyway, naturally I saw this one and considered several possibilities where approach is concerned.

Ultimately I decided to take an unexpected route and expand this into all five senses. Deep into winter here, I thought this might be just the breeze under someone’s kilt to start your day with:

Sound: They might drive some folks to distraction or suicide, but I love the sound of cicadas in the trees doin’ their thing (chicka bow wow). Yeah, the sound – extremely loud, I agree – of bug sex is excellent background white noise and reminds me of Summer. Who would have thought cicadas were screamers? Then again I would too if I only got laid once every 11 years.

Smell: Hands-down, the smell of freshly mowed grass. I will stop mowing to empty my catch bag and jam my face into the opening just to enjoy the scent of all that moist, clipped grass. This smells like Summer and ‘green’ to me. Even better, the entire yard has that lingering hint of scent well into the night.

Taste: This is a close one, so I’m listing two. First, and believe it or not edging #2, is home-made vanilla ice cream. I ought to add “that my Mom makes” because my taste center is keyed on that specific frozen mix of awesome. Mom’s ice cream is so great I even like the brain freezes that stuff inevitably causes, and it’s even too tasty to defile with chocolate syrup. Second of course is beer, because nothing tastes more awesome than ice cold beer on a hot day in the middle of mowing your lawn. And of course, it’s beer.

Touch: This is risky because I tend to frighten the neighbors, but the feel of bright, hot sun on my back and shoulders that have been wrapped up in clothes all Winter is awesome. If I time it correctly, I can get away with ten to fifteen minutes of shirtless yard work before the police arrive.

Sight: Nothing else signals Summer to me more powerfully than looking out my window at 8PM and seeing sunlight. I loves me some daylight savings time, and the long days on top of that are awesome. You can actually finish a project in the yard, grill dinner, and then see what you’re doing when watering. This fucks my circadian thingy up all to hell and back, but it’s worth it.

That about covers it, I think. Of course, now I’m cranky because my impatience level for Spring, at a minimum, just pegged out. Dammit.

38 Responses to “Auto Topic: What’s Your Favorite Summertime Sound?”

  1. Wow – I love these. I too love the sound of cicadas. The best is walking through the park and hearing them in the trees.. I have found cicada shells and brought them home!
    And sun on the skin: absolutely. In the summer, I ride my motorcycle without a jacket so I can feel the sun on my shoulders.. so nice.

    Great post!

  2. Fun post!
    Favorite sound? hmmm so many to choose from; crickets, the Greene County Fair in Pennsylvania, my daughter;s laughter when we waded in the creeks and lake, the sound of opening a fine chilled Chardonnay. Ahhhhhh.
    Am going to have to choose my life-long favorite though: hideous crying and mewling sounds coming up from the floorboards.
    You know, thinking back I could have taken the innate misanthropy a bit more seriously than was warranted at the age.
    Loved being a prodigy though.

  3. When I saw the auto topic I immediately thought, “Brainman’s favorite summer sound is absolutely the sound of meat hitting the grill.”

    You disappointed me, sir.

  4. Rich Crete Says:

    My favorite is the sound of a major league baseball game. The crack of the bat, the ball smacking a glove, the vendors, the crowd….every time I go I try to spend at least half an inning with my eyes closed just listening.
    But let’s get real…nothing beats the sound of a cold can of beer being opened.

  5. I completely agree with all of those! And where I live, they grow a lot of strawberries, so when you drive into that town on the freeway, you can smell them for miles!

  6. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    That was an awesome post!

  7. What a neat topic! I am now sitting here trawling thru my mind trying to think of what my fave Summer thing is..

    Cicadas signal Summer in every way but omg I HATE them and their noise.. lil bastards, ruining a perfectly balmy evening with their din!

    Sun after work / in the evenings is a total thrill, I agree there šŸ˜‰

  8. The absolute best sound in the world, summer or otherwise, is the sound of breakers at the beach. I’d say it was the best smell in the world too, but Kramer already stole that one for his “The Beach” cologne line on Seinfeld.

  9. Have to agree with everything here.
    But, tied for first, I’d add the feel of sweat from honest work in the sun, and the sight of an MLB diamond on a bright summer day. In person, not on TV.
    Oh, and my mother’s coffee ice cream, since i’ve never had your mothers vanilla…

  10. Dude, don’t try to huff your grass while it’s fresh.Ya gotta dry the stuff out for a bit, then you get a REALLY great smell if you smoke it through a ….
    Oh, GRASS grass.
    Never mind. šŸ˜‰

  11. The soft coo-ing of mourning doves, freshly cut grass, burnt grilled hot dogs, the warmth of the sun, and fresh blooming flowers!
    Thanks for bringing up this topic…can’t wait for the warm weather!

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