Random Thought #32

Have you ever sent an email that rewarded you with a firehose of unfiltered, hateful bile? Or at least mild anger? Okay, then, have you ever been on the verge of clicking ‘send’ – index finger poised over the left mouse button – thinking, “I wonder if this will reward me with a firehose of unfiltered, hateful bile?” Think about that one short instant…

This is my life every time I open my fucking soup-cooler.


14 Responses to “Random Thought #32”

  1. For me those tend to be certain people. People I know that anything I say is going to be a trigger to detonate their anger.

  2. No, but I responded to my wealthy long-lost great uncle from Nigeria one time and…what? Why are you looking at me that way?

  3. I think you should send me one of these type of emails and see what bile-istic response I can come up with… I can think of one thing you could write…

  4. I think before you send an Email there should be a warning “Are you sure you want to send this Email? Will you regret it later?” ahaha.

  5. John Erickson Says:

    I rarely consider getting hateful feedback, since I’m usually trying to be the jokester. Though even THAT humble act has gotten me some horrific broadsides. Especially from a twip that claimed we started the war in Libya to steal their water, then claimed that all my sources were biased and untrustworthy, while he quoted some conspiracy author whose been proven wrong on just about EVERYTHING he’s said!
    And he didn’t appreciate my sense of humour, either. There’s just no pleasing some people. 😀

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