Kick-Ass Dudes

I figured I ought to include a listing of Dudes who are Awesome.  At least in my universe.  Up front, I’ll automatically exempt Dad from this because he was – and still is – the Yard Stick O’ Awesome, so no mention is required.  You might want to get a permalink for this one because I may just have to come back and edit this.

The BrainRants Short List of Awesome Dudes:

– Ronald Reagan. Formerly a B-Movie actor in the WWII era. Went on to successfully win and survive the Governorship of California. Refrained from internal party politics and times a bid for the Presidency just right. Won the Cold War. Took a few in the chest from a whackjob assassin, lived, and joked about it. Current record-holder for biggest landslide victory in a national election. Still defines the Conservative Right. I pray toward his grave five times daily.

– GEN George S. Patton, Jr. Best tactical warrior our nation has produced. Olympic medalist. Cavalryman. Armored force visionary who saw the need for creating formations of tanks before they were needed. Pissed in the Rhine after kicking the snot out of the Third Reich, who considered him the most dangerous leader of all that the Allies brought to the fight. Could probably swear better than me.

– George Washington. Totally kicked ass over the British and ensured we would not end up being Southern Canada. Turned down being King in favor of being The President. Ended a revolutionary uprising with one well-considered sentence. Endured wooden dentures. Probably the last President who didn’t care whether or not he was elected President.

– Norm Abrams. Can make anything out of wood. Anything. Owns a mind-boggling array of Awesome power tools, but knows when a hand tool will work better. Exemplifies the samurai notion of being totally committed to being excellent at what you do. Knows more handy woodworking tricks with his pinky than I will ever know. Looks great in plaid wool and makes the look work for him. Never forgets to wear safety glasses.

I’ve been returning to this post since July of last year, so I finally concluded that I wasn’t going to come up with anyone else deserving enough to put on this list. As always, comment and suggestion are encouraged…


44 Responses to “Kick-Ass Dudes”

  1. I’m a Churchill fan, myself. Prize winning literary, inspirational orator,Prime Minister for Britain (and Newfoundland as we were not yet a part of Canada then) leading a country into war and knowing the strength and danger of Hitler before others could even imagine his insanity…

  2. I agree with kayjai, a list like this begs for Winston.

  3. You would like our local radio station that features the “Daily Reagan” each morning at a certain time – plays a different clip of Reagan wisdom from his speeches. Brings him back to life anew every day – gotta love it.

  4. Call me a Capitalist pig but I think your list should have Rockefeller and Henry Ford on it..

  5. Churchill crossed the floor of the House, not merely once, but twice. It was said that he had chutzpah to do so the first time, but sheer, overweening gall to cross back. Not opportunistic, but rather pragmatic. Used what was needed to do the job that needed doing.

    The Dilbert cartoon pointed out something I already knew. There is no off button for AWESOME! Keep ranting.

  6. Excellent list! Churchill is definitely on mine. Oh, and Charleton Heston – mostly because Ben Hur was pretty awesome and so was the whole NRA gig. Cold. Dead. Hands.

  7. 2 presidents, a war hero, and a contractor. I would say this list is complete.

  8. John Erickson Says:

    Kelly Johnson, head of the Lockheed “Skunkworks”, who gave us such great planes as the P-38 Lightning in World War 2 and the Flying Wing concept that gave birth to the B-2 bomber. And a whole slew of kick-butt airplanes in between.
    Personally, I’d throw in Johnny Cash, but that’s a more personal choice. Also Heinz Guderian, THE tank tactician in the history of armor, but that one gets me the “Nazi” stamp, so I’ll leave that one as optional.
    Dale Earnhardt / Richard Petty, anyone?

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