Awesome Shit: Sriracha Sauce

I’ve done a few positive rants about shit I absolutely love and most of them fall back on long-standing culinary loves of mine. I recently was reading a post by Greg and Katherine at Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide that mentioned sriracha sauce. I was curious, because I truly love anything hot and spicy, food-wise.

As events would have it, I was wandering down the ‘international’ food aisle here at the food-getting-place on post, lost like a motherfucker as usual. I looked up and saw the bright red bottle with the name, ‘sriracha’ and realized this was what Greg was talking about. I said to myself, “Shit. That’s what Greg was talking about.” I took down a bottle and examined it.

Background: before igniting a flame war between purists and gluttons here, I’ll state up front that the big, red bottle of holy-shit-tasty with the green twist cap and the rooster on the front (Huy Fong’s) is not true Thai sriracha. In fact, it is the product of entrepreneurial ingenuity that is the hallmark of America, and that’s where this shit is made – right in SoCal. The creator wanted something that would appeal to Thai and Vietnamese (as well as whitebread American) tastes alike. Rants’ analysis: Home Run!

What’s in the bottle? Four ingredients make up sriracha sauce – red jalapenos, sugar, vinegar, and garlic. I was hesitant at first because this sounded way too much like Tabasco or Texas Pete’s, which is okay but for my taste is useful only on Cajun food and corned beef hash (with grape jelly)(yes, I do). There’s other shit in there as preservatives and whatever, so yeah my dead body will probably not rot for thirty years after I kick it. Oh well. I tossed the bottle in my cart and continued to be lost.

Note to self: cornering the global market on xanthan gum may be the way toward total galactic domination…

Much to my satisfaction, the sriracha tasted like spicy heaven. Naturally, my first use of it (other than eating two spoonfuls of it to sample it) was on a burrito. I was surprised at how well it went with both meat and bean filling. Since then I’ve squirted it on several other dishes, and each time the result was equally awesome. Sriracha is hot but not too hot. Granted, this is totally subjective, but for me it’s got ‘perfect pitch.’ The sauce isn’t too heavy on the vinegar, so I also noted that it sat better post-meal and wasn’t nearly as indigestion-causing as other commercial taco sauce types.

Anyway, if you’re adventuresome in a culinary way, give this awesome shit a try. It may well become the only hot sauce you use at all.


20 Responses to “Awesome Shit: Sriracha Sauce”

  1. We been using that shit for years. We even order it from Amazon if we can’t find it. It replaced Tabasco and Red Hot. It is my mother’s favorite hot goodness in the world. She is lost without it. It look scary but it ain’t. I showed someone the bottle and they panicked. I love this blog. You be on top of yo shit.

  2. Now I have to try this. But there’s no way in hell grape jelly is ever getting near my corned beef hash.

  3. I love spicy.. so I will be getting me some of this awesome sauce.

  4. We just recently got some. I love it but have a ton of hot sauce at home. It’s amazing how they’re all so similar ingredient wise, but taste so different.

  5. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I shall rename you HotStuff.

  6. Loved this shit since 1987. Our family calls it “rooster sauce.” Craved it and more of it throughout my 3rd pregnancy…now this kid dumps it on everything except his Yucky Chumps. But that’s probably only because I haven’t suggested it. Glad you’ve discovered Nirvana in a bottle. Try putting a generous squirt on those ribs you mentioned last week.

  7. John Erickson Says:

    If you are after galactic domination, avoid xanthan gum, it clogs up your warp drive. Polysorbate 80, when mixed with small amounts of MSG, will actually increase the output of your dilithium crystals enabling Warp 9.9 at the very least.
    Just FYI. 😀

  8. Just heard that Jack-In-The–Box has come out with a bacon flavored milkshake….perhaps too much of a good thing.

  9. Awsomesauce, for sure. My son puts it on his eggs every morning.

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