Random Thought #31

Every morning, my routine tends to be painfully … routine. Somehow I always wind up after coffee sitting there with book in hand on the shitter being stared at by one or both cats. They apparently feel I require supervision at this function that I was born with a talent for.

Then I realized why they are concerned: the cats can’t figure out how I take a dump without sand.


18 Responses to “Random Thought #31”

  1. naah. Cat’s are just pure evil, they must’ve been contemplating adding an opposable thumb to their paws to get their quest of world domination underway, possibly even your thumb ….

  2. Cats like staring at people in the john. I don’t know why, but they do.

  3. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Poor kitty cats…they probably think you’ve been in there way too long and want their breakfast.

  4. nah…they are waiting for you to die so they can eat you. Anytime you sit for too long, they are plotting your demise.

  5. You are fortunate your cats allow you to read. Here in my house I am expected to attend to 5 demanding sucks who are determined to take advantage of the captivity of their human to garner feline bonding time.

  6. John Erickson Says:

    Ours are simply waiting for the flush. They don’t try to chase anything, and they don’t try to play in the water, they are just fascinated by whirlpools.
    To the point that one has almost figured out how to work the handle. Thank goodness for chrome handles! 😀

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