Super Bowl … XLMeh

It probably doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know that this year’s NFL matchup classic holds very little excitement for me. It’s not that I don’t like football. On the contrary, after playing four years in high school, I attempted to walk-on my college team, unrecruited. Probably best that they shooed me away given the state of my knees now. I can only imagine how totally fucked they’d be otherwise.

My underenthusiasm of course stems – in some part – from zero feeling about either of the teams going in, and the included picture with this post ought to explain that quite well for anyone with a basic understanding of fan-dom in the NFL. We of the Raider Nation are an oft-disappointed lot, but nevertheless loyal collection of mouth-breathers. But this is really less a reason for my overall dispassion this year than it is an opportunity to plug my boys. I just can’t get excited about East Coast teams.

Perhaps my age prevents me from feeling the love for New England or New York. I recall well the days of old when those two teams were padding on … well, everyone else’s season along with Tampa Bay, Detroit, Cleveland and New Orleans. Who would have thought? I for one can’t get the 44-10 bitchslapping of the Patriots brought painfully by Chicago. That was as epic as watching a 380-pound defensive lineman bludgeon his way into the end zone for a touchdown. As a fellow lineman, I about cried.

But this line of thought truly speaks to my sense of loss for a game that used to be. A concept of football lost, when the game was played for the love of the sport and union rules applied to Pittsburgh steel workers and not the Pittsburgh Steelers. Days past written by athletes like Roger Staubach, Bart Starr, Larry Czonka, Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Gayle Sayers and Marcus Allen. And that only scratches the surface.

I think my biggest worry is a fizzle of a game. I can watch two teams manhandle each other with no allegiances so long as there’s excitement. The last Patriot/Giants match was listed as one of the best ten ever by Sports Illustrated (online), and I do recall some of that game and remember the epic catch, etc. I guess the best I can say at the end of this is no matter who wins, please for the love of wiggly puppies make it exciting.

Oh, and God help Kelly if she fucks up my National Anthem.


22 Responses to “Super Bowl … XLMeh”

  1. The Fridge and McMahon get the credit for that bitchslapping – finest game I ever watched. Their “Superbowl Shuffle” didn’t hurt, either.

  2. I’m most looking forward to the pulled pork that’s been in my crock pot since midnight.

  3. I didn’t comment yesterday (’cause I read the post so late) but I whole-heartedly agree with you about Clarkson–she’d best not screw it up–but even if she does, I’ve never failed to have either tears in my eyes or the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear that song. It remains my favorite of all times, I even like it with the original words (To Anacreon in Heaven, a drinking song from the 1800s).

    Despite not posting a logo for my favorite team here, I too am a die-hard fan of the game. I have watched every Super Bowl since XV (when I first heard of the game). There were a few I videotaped because I couldn’t watch them live (talk about a pain, you can’t talk to anyone or they’ll tell you the score), but I haven’t missed one. I’m not thrilled about either team, though the more I see of Belicheck the more I like him. He’s a “take no crap from anyone even if you deserve it” kind of guy. It surprises me that he doesn’t wear all 3 of his rings and drum his fingers on the podium everytime he has a press conference as if to say, “Who the hell are you asking me questions?” I have rooted for the AFC Team every year except 3 games, in 1985 I had fifty bucks on Da Bears, even though I didn’t have fifty bucks; I grew up 25 miles from where Favre grew up so I rooted for Green Bay the first time he played, and won; and being so close to New Orleans I always root for them when they play anyone besides my beloved (and oft victorious in the big game) Steelers. This year is no different, I’ll be pulling for the Patsies, but like you, it had better be a good game and Madonna better bring it too (not like the 21st Century Up With People we had last year).

    Of all the performances today (Clarkson, Madonna, Eli, Brady, the commercials, etc.) the most important is Kelly, but a close second is the game.

  4. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Love your title…hahaha…I could really care less who wins..but am going to drink some cold beer and attempt to make some Pioneer Woman home~made hot wings..I will keep my fingers crossed that Miss Clarkson does not screw up.

  5. I’m not watching. Not even for the commercials. I could care less.

  6. Lack of enthusiasm seems to be common thought about the teams playing….and if the commercials aren’t any good, UGH….well, there is the food and beer – we can always just chat amongst ourselves…

  7. John Erickson Says:

    This is why God invented movie channels. And why he also gave us Animal Planet and their Puppy Bowl!
    And though I have no dogs (pun intended) in this fight, 2 of NY’s players are from Indiana, and since the wife hails from South Bend, that ALMOST offsets my Chicago-born inherent dislike of anything New York.

  8. This whole countryside, a Nation of Football, and it’s a game between teams based 200 miles away.

  9. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I didn’t think Miss Clarkson did too bad of a job…I’m sure you hated it…hahaha

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