Did A Weekend Just Happen?

Have you ever found yourself sitting there on Sunday night, stunned into open-mouthed shock at the realization that a weekend passed, and you really have no real firm grasp on where the hell it went? Yeah, that’s me, about 20 minutes ago – since as I write this, it’s Sunday night and I finally got my mouth shut.

It’s safe to say that I’m often my own worst enemy in this phenomenon. For example, this morning there were dirty dishes in the sink and new Slupperwares wedged into the refrigerator. I’d apparently cooked something, and that something turned out to be beef stroganoff. Yeah, a whole complex-ass dinner that I really have little recollection of making except for some fleeting memories of slicing onion and mushrooms. I’d add that Mr. Coors apparently helped me out in this task, which might be why what I recall of it is sort of like when you remember a dream.

The good news is, after reheating that shit, it was really fucking awesome. I’d post the recipe here, but we’ve covered the whole nonmemory of that event. So clearly I allowed myself a touch of bacchanalia one night, but that doesn’t do much to explain the total lack of impression from the remaining time between Friday night and right now. In fact, what spurred me into this whole train of thought was the notion that I had no idea of when the Super Bowl was, and then realized I didn’t give a flying fuck about who won this game. I recall the game used to be pretty soon after New Year’s, too. Now we’ve moved it into February.

I know I checked two cars’ worth of fluids and made adjustments as required. There was also the obligatory laundry drill, since folks get mighty uptight about me coming to work naked and shit. Harsh, I know, but in this economy I need to hang on to this job. There was some completely righteous time spent reading my current book, and we loves us some reading time. This morning through the fog of what was very close to a hangover I managed to eliminate some fucked-up virus on this machine that posed as a diagnostic tool and proceeded to hide every fucking file I have.

There was some nappage in there on both days, I know, but I’m rarely a long-distance napper. I tend to just cover the sprint-nap events and leave it at that. Today there was a great big long stretch of “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel, and of course I zoned out on that shit for a while too. Seriously, shows like that are like crack to me.

Okay, so obviously I did something. But I still feel shortchanged. Dammit.


32 Responses to “Did A Weekend Just Happen?”

  1. I feel your pain man, really I do….. Also, I absolutely love those T.V. Shows and documentaries of that kind. Most people are not amused when I watch when in their presence.

  2. Guess its true what they say then!
    That uncertainty about matter brings certainty about consciousness. When you feel time is too short, you are either restless or in a state of expanded awareness. When you feel time is too long, you are either miserable or keen-minded. When you are happy and love what you are doing, you lose track of time. When you are ahead of time, it is dragging and boring. When time is ahead of you, then you are surprised and shocked. You are unable to under-stand the play of events. In deep meditation, you are time and everything is happening in you. Events are happening in you like the clouds come and go in the sky. When you are with time, you are wise and at peace.

    When the mind is happy, it expands; then time appears too short. When the mind is unhappy, it contracts; then time appears too long. When the mind is in equanimity, it transcends time. To escape from the two extremes, many resort to alcohol or sleep but when the mind is dull or unconscious, it is unable to experience itself……

  3. Sounds like my weekend, minus the book time plus a Mardi Gras parade and some baseball drill with the kids. I had the same realization last night. I blinked.

  4. Once on a Sunday night I dreamt an entire day at work, it was so dull I did my usual office routine in my dream. Once I work I was severely pissed off to have to go to work having felt like I’d already been

  5. There’s a movie/documentary/wtf/ kind-of-video on the movie channel that was from Norway called Troll hunter that D2 and I watched for about an hour before we changed the channel in laughter-filled disgust. The ‘Troll hunter’ dude takes down an ‘actual troll’ by blowing his ass to bits. We weren’t sure if these people were trying to make us laugh or make us believe…a nice way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning, but without a hangover. It could make you wary of crossing bridges in Norway if you were still have drunk watching this shit.

  6. Ah, I too have been known as the Staggering Gourmet. Weird thing is that I’ll actually DO all the fucking dishes while still in a drunken state.
    It’s always kind of a nice surprise to wake up to a fine left-over meal! Usually enough to feed 4 although I live by myself these days (when my daughter visits from college I cook vegetarian -shudder- ) and all the dishes washed.

    Last time I made Drunken Meatloaf. Not that there was beer added to the recipe (don’t think so anyway) but because it was so damned tasty that it had to be named.
    Have the same problem sharing the recipe as yourself though.

    Great post!

  7. Weekends are for semi-cryogenic freezing and recovery from all the idiocy I’ve had to face Monday-Friday. Oh, and to eat chicken wings and watch hockey.

  8. a sprint nap sounds terrible. Napping is the only place that I go the distance!

  9. My problem is going through the weekend and realizing on Sunday night that I’ve wasted it entirely on chores.

  10. Hi, I’ve nominated you for The ABC award. If you want more info, click here (If technology stops hating on me and actually works this time!) >> http://jenchay.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/abc-award-versatile-blogger-award-and-7×7-link-award/

  11. John Erickson Says:

    Massive headaches were the main point of my weekend. That, and the design of a really awesome armed bus/recovery vehicle.
    It’s amazing what you can find fascinating when stoned out of your gourd on Vicodin ……

    • Ok, is this an vehicle that: A) Recovers armed buses B) Is armed and happens to recover buses C) Pulls dual duty as a bus AND recovery vehicle

      WTF? If you’re still strung out, wait and answer later.

      • John Erickson Says:

        An armed bus, used to tow out armed but wrecked cars. Quad Vulcans (the guns, not the species) in 2 turrets, and a nice suite of dropped flaming oil and anti-tire spikes. Think of it as a tow truck crossed with a Stryker.
        And speaking of armed things with wheels, ever get to play with the Marines’ LAVs?

  12. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    bacchanalia….wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus …
    Is this dirty talk for saying you had “date night” ?

    You are too funny….(and the Science channel does rock!)

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