Deployment: Change #7201

Okay y’all. Shit keeps happening, of course, and sometimes that shit happens to yours truly. The Army is up to its silliness again, and so here I am figuring shit out and using a lot of eraser rubber. Or reprinting digital forms. Whichever analogy you prefer.

So by now you all know I’m headed over to Afghanistan. If you’ve been paying attention, you also know that initially I was supposed to be gone and nipples-deep in some kind of preparatory training event right now. Obviously that changed a while back, when in its infinite wisdom, Big Army swapped my initial job with another one. Same Bat Cave, same Bat Country, different Bat Job. Holy paperwork drill, Robin.

Now that the dust has mainly settled from that switchup, I’m now being told that I don’t head to Georgia to run around the woods and shout about shit (i.e., training) until April. Yeah, I know, any reasonable Army Guy would be happy about this because he’s got more time here before leaving and shit, right? Right. The catch is, I’m not really anything close to your reasonable Army Guy. But I’m guessing you all knew that already.

While I appreciate the long lead-in to make sure I have all my shit straight and taken care of, this still sandpapers my nuts a bit because no matter what day the powers-that-be put me on a military aircraft, I’m still going to be there for a year. Therefore, the Ranting Brain tends to reason that the sooner I get on with this bullshit the better, since it will be over that much sooner. None of us are getting any younger, right?

I’d also mention that the whole “build-up, let-down” thing gets kind of old itself. Just as I get tracking and have shit lined up and ready, I get another email from the dark bowels of the Pentagon. I know, I know – before you say it yourself, I’ll just punk my own ass here for you: Yeah, I did in fact sign up for this one way or another.

Now, all that said, the obvious upside for you out there is yet another extension of the period of awesome rantiness. Hope that’s what you all asked Santa for, since apparently that’s what you’re getting.


19 Responses to “Deployment: Change #7201”

  1. It’s just like sex with a man on meds who’s having side effects, isn’t it? All this pressure built up and then… nothing.

  2. How inconsiderate of the Army! 🙂 Don’t they understand what all this to-ing & fro-ing is doing to you? Seriously, this is a stressor! On the bright side, maybe all the bad guys will be gone by the time you get there 😉
    Just glad we get to keep experiencing your rants for a while longer! Keep your chin up!

  3. “…the obvious upside for you out there is yet another extension of the period of awesome rantiness.”

    And there was much rejoicing.

  4. Isn’t there some acronym for the army that rationally explains all this?

  5. We should just give the enemy our playbook and confuse them into submission…
    Any chance of the need for you to deploy aging out before it happens?

  6. Santa only listened to that one? Damnit. If he had done the effort to give everyhting I asked for… *sigh*

  7. Well, the longer you’re here the better. Call me selfish.

  8. Totally disrupting what life you have. Stress goes with the job, but always having the ground jerked out from under you…manic situation…you just have so much adrenaline.

  9. John Erickson Says:

    Considering the source and contents of the letters you receive, shouldn’t the turn of phrase be “same Bat-shit, different Bat-channel”?

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