Road Wrap Up

As much as I’d like to say this concludes my final trip here before I get off to my new digs in Afghanistan, I’m going to avoid that and not piss of Karma. When I do that, she seems to take that as a sign that I require fucking with.

What I can say is that there’s a lot to be said for hanging out within fifty miles of the ocean if you like sea food. Two of three dinners here I commmitted to local seafood joints, and that was a total win. On night one, I had to ask for help out of the booth and then struggled to walk with the gutful of fried – hell, everything – they brought me. Deviled crab – who woulda thought.

Interesting fact about my place of duty: It is one of the few Army garrisons in the South not named for a Confederate general, though it is a homonym for one.

Night two was another place featuring all you can eat steamed oysters. Up front here, I’ll add that I did also order a salad, so the meal did in fact vaguely resemble something balanced. That said, I suspect I was beginning to piss off the other diners around me with the loud crash of oyster shells I kept tossing in the pail at a steady clip. You really, really have to love a place that brings you a bucket to toss your finished shit into. So by the second bucket people were staring. Not that I particularly registered anything on my give-a-fuck meter. Now if I can just find a rib place that does that…

Interesting fact about where I am: this county has more trailers registered than actual houses. Based on my forays to the two local seafood shovelling stations, I’d agree.

Sadly, the gastronomic portions of the trip are the most memorable. After well over twenty such trips, they tend to all start seeming the same, and so the main impression I have of this trip was doing a lot of talking about stuff and not much more.

At least airports are more manageable on weekends.


16 Responses to “Road Wrap Up”

  1. Abundant blessings on your journey. Safe travels and come home with major “awesomesause” to tell us about. Thank you for doing whatever it is you do for our country. As the wife of a retired marine and police officer I know even the paperwork is important! Look how important toilet paper is to all of us!

  2. I think I want to take a trip out of this snow just to try the meals you describe…they sound awesome, of course. And your reply to Heather above gave me a good belly laugh. Thanks!

  3. Well there used to be a post in Anniston named for a non-Confederate general, but Ft McClellan closed in 1999. I didn’t realize the Fighting Bishop of the Confederacy was a general, but he was so you’re right there. However, there is a post not named after a Confederate General in Kentucky (former home of Armor) it’s named after a head Artilleryman of the Continental Army. Of course KY was one of the 2 states that had both American and Confederate Constitutions in the war so some don’t consider it a Southern State but they rank right down there with the rest of them.

    • I was at Knox for a PCS. Kentuckians don’t consider themselves part of the South, nor do Southerners think of them that way.

      • Southerners also tend to forget Florida and Misouri (another dual Constitution state) were in the CSA. They also forget (more accurate to say dont know) OK, AZ, and NM were considered by the Confederacy to have been Confederate territories. But they were. KY even had a star on both the battle flag and the national flag(s) of the CSA.

  4. Southerners don’t forget, they just know which states were in it to win it. We’ll think about those other states tomorrow… 🙂

    Godspeed, Brainrants…we’ll hold down the fort.

  5. Thank god you’re in the Army and not the Navy; eating that many oysters surrounded by SEAMEN could lead to dishonorable discharge…

  6. Dude, I just noticed your moderation is off. hahaha

  7. Your piss is made of karma? Awesome! 😀 (Yes, I’m being a tedious little nit-picker.)
    I’d be impressed by the bucket, but most of the stuff I eat is 100% consumable. Except for the odd rib or chicken bone, that is. Though if they’d institute the bucket at steak joints, I’d frequent them a lot more, just to keep the dog and cats happy!

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