Smaller Than An Elephant?

I recently had the honor of sitting through at least a good six-pack one weekend answering questions for The Byronic Man. For some unknown reason, he decided I’d be the ideal victim candidate for his second installment of his “20 Questions” series.

Having absolutely no shame whatsoever and zero ability to actually feel embarrassed, I of course had to put this note up to shamelessly self-promote myself… Yay Me! Go BrainRants! Beat Navy! Hooray for Boobies! I’m the shiznit!

But on a serious note, I know many of you who read me have also landed on Byronic’s pages as well, and I know for certain that he definitely keeps me honest in terms of humor and original content. I’d also think that I’m paying him a compliment by saying he is nowhere near the potty-mouth that I fucking am.

In the event you have been retarded up until this moment, please take a moment to click the link to his site up there in the first paragraph. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to punch babies. You might even be tempted to send him donations to support his ongoing quest for total global domination.

DISCLAIMER: In the event you’re wondering why I didn’t just provide you with a link to the exact page and help you scratch your lazy instant gratification urge, well, the fact of the matter is that I’m using the timed publish feature here given the fact that I’ll be nipple-deep in some kind of organized Army hilarity around the time I would want to put this up.

So, yeah, wow, if Byronic doesn’t come through as he told me, won’t he look like a douche.

24 Responses to “Smaller Than An Elephant?”

  1. …And for those who realize that Brain typo’d the hell out of the link (as I just did…)

  2. When you and the Byronic Man take over the world, I’m volunteering to cater the party and mix the drinks.

  3. Loved the Q & A posting! Have to say that you’ve now got yourself yet another devoted follower.

  4. Everyone caught that part about “Send Byronic Man donations,” right? Just checking.

  5. I’ll hop over there in a couple minutes, but for now, I’ll just say that any individual who impresses Mr. Rants must be pretty impressive indeed. Or sufficiently loaded to meet Rants’ bribery target. Either way, impressive! 😉

  6. Why do YOU get 20 questions asked of you? Don’t they know it’s all about me?!?! 😉 Just kidding.

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