Important Update

In case anyone out here in BlogLand has noticed, John Erickson, the master of purpose-conversion (i.e., putting quad .50cal mounts and grenade launchers in ’80’s Yugos) has been off the net for a while.

I just made contact with His Freakness tonight. He is in fact alive. Proof of life note follows, in response to my electronic query of, “Are you FUCKING ALIVE? SHOULD I CALL THE OHIO STATE POLICE??”:

“Yeah, kinda. Been a slug since right after Xmas, feeling physically rotten and none too jolly. Trying to get back into it. I’ll write more once I get the backlog beaten down.

Sorry to make you worry, though it does make me feel better to feel wanted. Thanks!”

So there you all have it. Relax. If he gets better enough, IΒ may smuggle him into Afghanistan with me.


30 Responses to “Important Update”

  1. Note: I’m certain Savor is relieved at this news… right Savor?

  2. John Erickson Says:

    (In best Mae West accent) “Take me, big boy, I’m all yours!” πŸ˜‰
    You know, I am a pretty fair shot with a Lee-Enfield. Maybe I could show them young punk snipers how to do it old-school, over iron sights? And I could help with the pack mules – donkey and goat are quite similar, much like Spanish and Portuguese…..

  3. Brain Rants: keeping an eye on us all!

    So draw your curtains…

  4. I wondered where John E was, too. I thought perhaps he was just getting his own blog up and running. Instead he was as sick as Savor and I were. Welcome back!

  5. I was going to send a search party myself, glad no-hio is safe and sound. We miss you, you crazy lunatic! And brain rants- brining him with you could very well end the war!

  6. Didn’t read all comments before posting. If he gets his blog “up” we’re all in trouble!

  7. The son’s Sony Reader is KIA, so he bought a new Kobo at Chapters. They have the Heinlein biography in hardcover for $24.50, the softback @ $17.50 or the E-book which would load to the Kobo for $12.75. The local library has one copy, which I reserved and pick up on Monday. I was cheap before I was Scottish!

  8. Thanks guys … I was about to send out my own inquiry as well. Hope you feel better soon John. *hugs*

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