Random Thought #27


Oh… Dammit.

16 Responses to “Random Thought #27”

  1. You never really buy beer, you only sort of rent it.

  2. I have the same problem with Jack, Jim and the Captain.

  3. You should get a keg – that’s hard to lose track of.

  4. It must be something with beer…it all has a fear of committment.

  5. I have the same problem with my coffee…

  6. and I’m about to go pick up another 6pack to follow this liquor. it’s a game day celebration and i shall not be without my goodness

  7. Sadly, or Gladly, both the Canadian troops and the Tim Hortons have left Afghanistan. They were in Kandahar anyway. It would be a long drive from Kabul for caffeine. How do you take your coffee? I could FedEx you a large double-double (not to be confused with In-N-Out’s) and a rotation of donuts every day. Should be no problem with delivery. When the first McDonalds opened in Moscow, residents were buying them and shipping them all the way to the Arctic, where friends and relatives pulled them apart and ate them a layer at a time.

    Oooh, see above. Email coffee and apple fritters??! Hmmm….

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