Post-Christmas Assessment

Well, it’s over. Finally. At least until next year of course, but at least for the 2012 Christmas season, I can literally stick my head in the sand (or up my own ass, if you prefer) and pretend it’s not happening. That is, if my last trip to Afghanistan was anything to judge by.

This year was a remake of stock footage, or possibly just a quick edit to copy-paste the appropriate dates in. I’m not sure either way, but on holidays like Christmas – which I’d prefer to avoid altogether – this kind of day is perfectly acceptable.

The highlight of the day for me was the redux of Thanksgiving, except better. In addition to the deep-fried turkey (if you haven’t ever tried this, you are missing out), there was oyster casserole as well. This is an old family recipe I don’t indulge in often but this year it seemed to be on a level of awesome that is unprecedented for me. I chalk that up as a win.

I’ve been necking back on the portions and volume of food lately, and you might have noted the increased shrillness of my rants. This wasn’t to pre-manage caloric intake for the sake of one meal, but rather an effort to get into something resembling better shape for my impending deployment. Excess pounds don’t help in thin air situations. However, the epic Christmas meal was an exception, and trust me when I say that I ate so much I had trouble walking afterward.

So the aftermath was a predictable tryptophan coma and the refrigerator now so packed with thick carbohydrate-based dishes and a bird in fried repose that I can barely manage to un-wedge a beer from the bottom of the stack. Then again, this does invite eating my way down to it but only if I can risk another food-induced coma.

Which brings up the downside to this whole holiday season: deployment. Today, after the post-Christmas rush and return of normal blood-sugar levels in my system, I ought to be able to futz around in the basement and rub my scruffy face, enjoying the feeling of having nothing to do with no idea what I can do to fill the void.

Instead, with my relocation to New Jersey under a month away, I have thus far dedicated about ten straight hours to an online training requirement that right now is only half-complete. I would have my medical and dental checks scheduled but guess who doesn’t work on the 26th of December? So that is on for today.

As ranty as I’ve been leading into this holiday, I do hope you and yours have had a good one no matter where you are. Thanks for reading my blog, and I’d hope to keep this up as much as possible as my time shrinks.

We shall see…


22 Responses to “Post-Christmas Assessment”

  1. I’ve never done the deep fried turkey thing. Everything I’ve ever heard is that it’s the bomb.

    We’ll try to keep the temperature temperate for your NJ stint.

    • As the commercials say, “Just Do It.” I also add a pound of bacon to the hot oil and cook it before I put the turkey in for flavor. Take the bacon out, though, before it turns to carbon.

  2. What an interesting idea! We love our fried turkeys, will have to try the bacon thing next time! It’s already a fat/carb bomb anyways, right? That sounds delicious.

  3. At first I misread that to say I’ve been necking out back. Sounds like an awesome meal.

  4. What branch are you in? Our good friends are stationed in NJ (I know the chances of you knowing him are slim…).

  5. Sounds like you had a great xmas, great post!

  6. Good on ya for your service. Have an equally awesome 2012, bru.

  7. Glad to hear you had a decent Christmas. Thanks for the wishes and I hope you have a happy New Year before the deluge hits.

  8. John Erickson Says:

    Hmm. We have a yin and yang thing going. You’ve been eating yourself witless (just a little snack? 😉 ), I’ve been fighting a stomach flu bug that has allowed me to memorise the terrain of the inside of my toilet bowl. (Or praying to the porcelain gods – Wog, Rolf, and Urp, in case you’ve never been properly introduced.)
    Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. And don’t forget, as you make your preparations, to leave time for your foreign language studies, so you can speak to the Fort Dix folk in their native tongue (whatever you call it). 😀

  9. Will you be able to continue ranting from afar? We are starting to miss you already…

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