Go Army!

This one is going to piss off all my readers who are either in the Navy, were in the Navy, or are Navy Brats. Sorry, it is what it is. If you’re wondering what the hell to do with your afternoon today, I’d encourage you to watch the Army-Navy game today. At least it’s conveniently the same day as the Heisman award where we pick the next poor schmuck who will get attention-fucked out of a productive career.

My followers who go way back here know my three teams are: the USC Trojans, the Oakland Raiders, and of course Army. As such, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the past three years or so in being a loyal fan in spite of liking generally sucky teams. However, being an Army Football fan is slightly different. You know going into the season that they’re going to have a shitty record, and that is fine and understood. The reason is because of the last opponent of the Army Team’s season: Navy.

The Army-Navy game is played annually on the second Saturday of December. This removes the game from the fuckery of the whole BCS madness that goes on each year, which is appropriate for a tradition in collegiate sports that goes back to 1890. Yes, there was football back then. This annual match-up is as close to a religious experience for me as it gets, second only to the Fourth of July in importance in my universe.

Some history here for the curious: Today will mark the 112th matchup between the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen. The first game ever played between the two (at that time) service academies was held on the parade grounds of West Point in 1890, and that match was won by Navy 24-0. Since then, there have been a few skipped years, but today will be the 82nd consecutive game in the total 112-event history. Overall, Navy holds the all-time lead with 55 wins to Army’s 49, and the rest attributed to 7 ties. Navy currently has an unprecedented nine-game streak that we hope to snap this afternoon. Going in, Army’s record is 3-8 to Navy’s 4-7 this season.

None of the win-loss statistics really matter though. This game isn’t about bowl berths or lucrative future contracts or increased school program revenues. It is about bragging rights, pure and simple. None of the players in the game will sign with a pro team immediately upon graduating. The Academies are government-funded, so their sports programs don’t exist to serve the bottom line. Each team can earn a bowl appearance based on the first 11 games played, but this one doesn’t count in the fallout of BCS.

This is football the way it’s supposed to be – two teams struggling passionately to win for no other reasons than the win itself and love of the game. And, win or lose, both teams wind up playing on the same team as commissioned officers in the U.S. Military.

So the odd sounds you may hear over the horizon today would be me, cheering, yelling, and expressing mental pain as necessary as I cheer on the Army Team…




29 Responses to “Go Army!”

  1. Enjoy your (Navy) football game today (Navy). It’s sure to be (Navy) a great match-up (Navy). Have (Navy) a nice (Navy) weekend.


  2. I was in the Navy for 10 days (they apparently don’t like somnambulists in their midst), so I should probably root for them, but they did uninvite me from their club, so I’ll help you cheer for Army. Can I wear my Team USA jersey?

  3. I follow a different low-stress college football team (UAB) though when it comes to professional college athletics I root for Auburn. But, I served in the Field Artillery as a surveyor many years before going to work for the Corps of Engineers as a civilian. There is only one thing to say to this blog post:

  4. There’s a clothing store, Old something, and a song by the Village People, In the… something. But on the other side, there’s Salvation!

  5. I love that this game still gets such focused national attention. Go Navrmy!

  6. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Well..I hope the Army kicks some Navy ass today!

  7. John Erickson Says:

    I’d love to root for your team, my friend, but I have a blog friend I’ve known longer who’s a Navy Chaplain, so I can’t root for your guys. (Besides, he’s a Chaplain – imagine the shitstorm he could rain on me if I rooted for Army! 😀 )
    So I will resolutely remain on the sidelines. I’m even going to miss the game by watching the movie “The Abyss”. I figure that will keep me neutral, right down to the last scene where the underwater aliens kick the Navy’s …….
    No comment.

    • Well, make your choices, John. Maybe I’ll put in a good word for you with (Army) General God.

      • John Erickson Says:

        I cannot officially lean towards one service or the other. That being said, I’ve only re-enacted Army and Army Air Corps, and while I’ve visited USS Texas several times in my life, I’ve been to the 1st Infantry Division in Cantigny, Illinois, over a dozen times, and consider Dayton (USAF, originally part of the Army) my favourite museum.
        Then again, there are all the ship models and copies of the Bluejackets’ Manual from the war years I have floating around here. Gotta keep up the neutral appearances!
        (GO ARMY!)
        What? Who said that?!? 😉

  8. savorthefolly Says:

    I used to enjoy the game so I could look at all the hot guys in uniforms but for some reason they don’t have hot guys in uniforms anymore, it’s all these really really young guys now who are basically boys. *sighs* GO ARMY!

  9. bombshellll Says:

    Go Navy!!! (:

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