Go Army – Not

Okay, so that’s ten losses in a row. Hope you’re happy, H.E.

And thanks for no support here, John E. and John Trask Avenue. Dammit.



46 Responses to “Go Army – Not”

  1. savorthefolly Says:


  2. Army wins much more important battles.

  3. John Erickson Says:

    Dude, it weren’t my fault. You had GOD against ya! Next year, get yourself an Army Chaplain on your side. That’ll cancel out MY Chaplain, and then the Army might actually win! 😉
    Tell ya what, we’ll guarantee you guys a victory next year. If my neighbors are still living there, you can come over to my place, and we’ll serve up a few sacrifices, okay? That should turn things in Army’s favour! 😀

    • You don’t think I just had an entire ARMY of chaplains on my side?

      • John Erickson Says:

        I think you need to letter that with lower case, as in an army of Chaplains. Obviously, Army Chaplains are of lower quality, or quantity, or both as compared to MY Navy Chaplain! 😉 😀

      • John Erickson Says:

        Um… methinks I pushed just a LITTLE bit too far with that last comment. 😯
        The moron with the completely tacky sense of humour begs the pardon of the Lieutenant Colonel, SIR! 🙂

        • No offense taken based on prior track record. Though the Lieutenant Colonel wonders when John will create his own blog such that the Lieutenant Colonel can post tacky comments upon said blog…

          • John Erickson Says:

            The sergeant (Adopted rank – actually Technical Sergeant) requests patience of the Lieutenant Colonel, as blog launch is pending commencement of wife’s winter break from work, leaving her free to stoke the furnace, and leaving the TSgt free to write.

          • Tech Sergeant? For the love of god how old ARE you?

          • John Erickson Says:

            that was the highest rank I reached while re-enacting – Tech Sergeant, 11th Air Force, USAAC, flight engineer on a B-26 flying out of Elmendorf Air Base (later flying from Adak) Alaska. I used to know the bomber squadron, but that’s one of those memory sectors corrupted by the medications I take. 🙂

          • John, that’s awesome. My father was an actual T-5 in the USAAC, stationed in India in WW II. I appreciate your interest in this area, truly. My Dad was an enormous influence on me with regard to which service I joined. Thank you for your support of history, my friend, because without support of it, history tends to die.

          • John Erickson Says:

            Your dad worked flying over the Hump, I assume? C-46s, C-47s, LB-24s? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?

          • Dad was a ground crew tech, so he helped out with all of those.

          • John Erickson Says:

            One more question, but it has a horrific cost. Did Dad work on the engines? If so, you HAVE to give me his Email address (if he has one) or his surface mail address, ’cause there’s about a million questions I wanna ask! It’d be the best Christmas present anybody ever gave me – though your father might not speak to you again. (This is assuming your dad is still around – if not, I will apologise, as soon as I pull my foot outta my mouth.)

          • I should know that but I don’t. And no, Dad’s not here anymore, so email or otherwise on this Earth won’t reach him. If you find a way to, please let me know. I’ve got some questions for him and stuff I’d like to remind him of… all good mind you, all good.

          • John Erickson Says:

            Sorry your dad’s not with us anymore. I would’ve loved to pick his brains. What a great evening, spent shooting the breeze with the two of ya! Ah well, I’ll have to settle for an evening of picking YOUR brain one of these days. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise! 😀

          • Someday, yes, I’d love to.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        I’m sorry but would it be inappropriate if I burst out laughing right here? This conversation is killing me.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        *giggling in the corner*

  4. Cheating, obviously. Rampant and constant cheating.

  5. Sorry you’re so mopey. Better luck next year.

  6. I love how I’m not even allowed to be a member of the Rants Army anymore…

  7. It’s not the same when you have to keep your comments PG to keep from getting bitch-slapped. I’m sorry, I’m in a pissy mood.

  8. You chaps look like you’re having a private party… and I thought this was a public blog!

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