Open Season

Am I the only person lately to notice the apparent open season on anyone remotely famous or politically motivated and conservative, and that the weapon of choice in this hunt is sexual misconduct claims, which include harassment.

Obviously the mainstream media whores are aiding and abetting this trend of ritual character assassination, and that of course tallies up in the “reasons to kill them all” column that I keep. But that is a topic so huge I’d have to become a full-time writer and blogger to address, so I’ll move on.

Just a casual scan of the news reveals that even a seven-year-old, defending himself in a playground fight, has a harassment charge against him after using the never-fail tactic of the junk-punch to fend off some bully who apparently was choking the snot out of him. Good on that kid, I say. But some parent or other adult in this scenario really and truly believes that a first grader is capable of sexual harassment? I laugh at that idea since it is so disconnected from reality and common sense.

Even The Biebs got hit with a paternity scandal. Of course, we all knew it was bullshit. There is no way that immature, no-talent fucktard is capable of even fondling his own man-breast, let alone swinging for the fence and going all the way home – so to speak.

Recent political coverage only elevates this to new heights. Now make no mistake here before I spin off into a blue rant of hateorade. If you go texting pictures of your sorry little pecker and get caught, well buddy you probably asked for the shitstorm you get.

What blowtorches my eyesockets is the bullshit harassment shit suits lodged with impunity against public figures. Granted, some of them turn out to be justified. This is becoming a character assassination technique, and to be honest it is getting old. I have to ask the question of each woman who suddenly “remembers” or “just now, must come forward to speak out” about an alleged incident of abuse: Why is this important now that the alleged accused man is now famous? Let me add that gender here is largely irrelevant, so use of pronouns merely reflects the prevalence of the situations we’re exposed to.

Maybe there ought to be clauses in the law stating some kind of statute of limitations on this crap, or some kind of test that would determine the relative strength of a case. My normal reaction is to turn off the fucking television or navigate away from the page. I’m not bright enough to come up with these tests and limits and still protect the folks out there with legitimate claims.

What strikes me as most odd is the tendency to ignore other glaring character faults and focus strictly on the sex-related scandalous ones. The other thing that really seems out of place here – if we accept this kind of fuckery as normal – is that going into another election year, there is one candidate who is strikingly devoid of any of these claims.

I wonder what that means?

Edward Hotspur is a fucking tool and a blog troll, and I’m stealing his search engine traffic this way… dick.


83 Responses to “Open Season”

  1. Amen. Seriously ,some of these cases though are just outright nutfucked ( no offense on anyone with legit issues ) but the whole Khan thing was just sad . I mean , aside from harming his shot at doing some good when he could ,they’ve pretty much scared people who’ve actually been harassed from not doing anything about it.

  2. I think instead of hiding the ass grabbing, potential candidates should embrace their past misbehavior and make it part of their platform. Something like, (insert Samuel L. Jackson voice) “Yeah I pinched some asses and I’m gonna pinch the hell out of taxes too, God damnit!”

  3. I find it baffling that someone with skeletons in his/her closet would think that in today’s 24/7 cable news world, a run for public office would not expose those skeletons. Even more puzzling, once the skeletons are exposed, denial rather than honesty ensues.

  4. BrainRants, I’d take exception with some of what you said. You are implying that if a person sexually harasses someone, that someone should speak up immediately or shut up forever. You may want to consider that it is the possibility of someone like that becoming more famous and more powerful that prods a victim to tell her story, and that often provides the safety-in-numbers cover for other victims to come forward.

    In other news, if someone didn’t act like a horny octopus, or a rabid cougar, and then come out in public acting like a saint, there would be nothing to report.

    • You also seem to be implying, if I’m reading between the lines correctly, something about the media playing favorites with political candidates. I admit, they really seem to like Mitt Romney, and he certainly has not been accused of any sexual misconduct, and this despite being a Mormon with the whole ‘multiple wives’ thing. Yes, I know you’re actually hinting at Obama.

      This isn’t something that has been done ‘lately’, because if you’ll remember, back in the mid-to-late 1990s, Bill Clinton got a decent raking-over-the-coals. And many of the scandals “lately” have involved someone who votes on anti-gay legislation in public, and then hires other men for sex in their private lives. That is precisely the kind of hypocrisy that SHOULD be highly publicized.

      /end soapbox

    • What you say isn’t untrue, but I can’t help but wonder why they fail to address the problem until there’s something in it for them.

      • You mean, why do they fail to address the problem until the person who screwed around is attempting to get elected/appointed President/Senator/Representative/Justice of the United States? Gee, no idea.

        Also, I’m sorry, what’s in it for the women? They get to be scrutinized and humiliated again, potentially dragged through the mud as much as or more than the perpetrator… I don’t think you get how difficult it is for a woman to come forward after something like that, and how uplifting and encouraging it is to find you’re not the only woman some asshole has harassed.

        It’s especially discouraging because you’re a commanding officer, and could very well be the person some 2LT has to come forward and report something to, and you have this disappointing attitude about the whole thing. I hope I’m wrong about that.

      • All I know about you is what you’ve said in your post, and that’s how it reads.

        You know who there’s open season against? The media. Forget that Obama is a Muslim atheist who wants to run terrorist camps on U.S. soil, and who isn’t even a U.S. citizen, and who has ulterior motives, and who holds counsel with wack pastors and sketchy political groups, and went to funny schools and has a funny name, and has the wrong skin color….

        The media hasn’t accused him of SEXUAL misconduct, and that’s just not fair! Dang it!

  5. I never believe the Media, I mean they make up so much bull shit I might as well add it to my fantasy fiction!! ahaha!!

  6. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    It does make you wonder about these women’s ulterior motives…they have an affair with a married man for 12 years and then he runs for office and “its time to come out with it” …for what? the good of the public? (or maybe a book deal?) Of course I think an affair is different from someone using their postiton/power to sexually harrass someone…very thought provoking post today Rants.

    • The affair is different. That lady might be fishing for something. However, as Sandy pointed out, what made Cain think he could do these things and they wouldn’t come out? He talked with his wife and then suspended his campaign. Sounds like his wife had some of the same questions that the Debbil Media did.

      Besides, who benefits most from Cain dropping out? Could it be, I don’t know, other Republican candidates? So what’s more likely – the media overhyped Cain’s affair, or one or more of the other Republican candidates hyped Cain’s affair? Follow the money. Follow the logic.

    • Thanks Hood Lady.

  7. savorthefolly Says:

    Brainrants I’m feeling too punk to write very elequently on this, but I must say I’m a bit disturbed by the position you take on this issue.

    I think some men cheat, and some men sexually harras women, but some men don’t. There is no question that Clinton had some serious sexual problems, but I did agree with his politics. Alternatively, I hated Bush and his politics, but I must admit he seemed to love his wife and I would believe it that he was faithful to his wife.

  8. savorthefolly Says:

    Honestly I’m less concerned with whether a candiate was faithful to his wife or not but am VERY concerned about sexual harrassement.

    One is a betrayal to his wife but may not affect his ability to lead the country. Sexual harrassment suggests a fundamental lack of respect towards women and a fundamental lack of understanding of the power that authority holds. I don’t care that Clinton cheated on his wife, but I do care that he got involved with an intern in his office. That sets up a bad atmosphere for other interns who have ambitions – do that have to blow the president to get the professional attention they desire?

    I should hope not.

    Cain looks guilty as sin to me. Mitt Romney? Has he even had sex more than the 5 times it took to conceive his sons?

    Whatever you want to say about Obama, it is possible that he has been respectful to women. You can object to him for other reasons.

  9. I was with you up until the 21st word of your rant. Had you not decided to play the victim card and throw a pity party for the “open season” on the conservatives, I would have agreed with you that the media seems to fall all over themselves to dish the dirt and truth be damned. Please feel free to expand on my list but I don’t recall Ted Kennedy (Chappaquiddick), Bill Clinton (M. Lewisnky), Gary Condit (C. Levy), Gary Hart (D. Rice), Barney Frank (S. Gobie), Jesse Jackson, or Eliot Spitzer – to name just a few – getting a pass from the biased media.

  10. Brain, to your original point: No, you definitely are not the only one to pick up on the “open season” — whether or not it’s targeted toward candidates meeting specific criteria.

    The current media buzzword seems to be “sex,” and they are so frenzied in their uber-reporting oneupsmanship that the ad nauseum tales of the Kardashians, et al, blend into the ad nauseum tales of would-be politicos to the point that I, for one, don’t give credence to much that is reported on any subject!

    I shudder to think that we’re not even in 2012 yet. What a revolting campaign this promises to be!

  11. John Erickson Says:

    Sorry, buddy, but I’m gonna have to side against you on this one, for the reasons stated above by others. I, too, feel the timing is a defence mechanism by the accusers to protect themselves from the “she was asking for it” or “what’s in it for her” point of view. There IS a good reason why it’s happening to the GOP right now – they’re putting themselves on display. Obama has had his time under the microscope, and will again in 2012, but for now, it’s the cast of bozos (and maybe one or two semi-respectable ones) whose turn it is to be picked apart.
    Though I have to state that, given marital infidelity or financial wrong-doing, I’d pick the cheater every time. We’ve had some really choice womanisers in our political past (LONG before Clinton) who did phenomenal jobs. It’s just the nature of the round-the-clock news needing SOMETHING to report – imagine JFK trying to live up to his political reputation with Fox News on his butt 24/7!

    • John, roger, but the complete absence of anything against Obama indicates that either the press is up his ass or he has no dick.

      • John Erickson Says:

        Or like I said, it’s the GOP’s turn right now. I’m sure we’ll see quite the upswing in media attention vs Obama when (if?) the GOP picks a candidate – or decides to write in Ronald Reagan! 😀

      • savorthefolly Says:

        Brainrants, are you seriously argueing that if a guy hasn’t sexually harrassed a woman (even if it was a misunderstanding) or cheated on his wife that he has no dick? ????

      • Complete absence? You’re friggin hilarious, BrainRants. I’ve already covered the things the media has had to say against Obama in an earlier comment. Are you actually denying that any of that happened? Makes me question your sanity. Yeah, Edward Hotspur is questioning YOUR sanity.

        Repetition != proof.

        • Ok, Hotspur, tell you what: YOU go ahead and assemble the blogosphere’s total political stance and summarize it for me. Sounds like you have a good lead on that. And clearly smarter than me.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        well I was surprised because generally you’re more sophisticated then that, but then please clarify what you mean by, “but the complete absence of anything against Obama indicates that either the press is up his ass or he has no dick.”

        • Right. So pick what you think is the reason. I don’t know. As you said, I’m not smart enough. Nor am I even in the county next to ‘sophisticated.’

          Sarcasm aside, Savor, the answer is obvious.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        I think you’re going to have to spell it out for me. Like I said, some guys don’t cheat on their wives. But I’m sure the guy has plenty of faults….feel free to enumerate them here for me.

        Just because he’s likely to win the election doesn’t mean he not just as human as the rest of us. My question for Republicans, is why doesn’t someone with more gravitas stand up? I know there are plenty of people out there…maybe I wouldn’t agree with them, but I’m sure they’re out there.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        and I didn’t say you weren’t smart enough – in fact I said the opposite. I’ve always though you were very smart and very sophisticated. Those were your words, not mine.

      • I’m still trying to figure out what YOUR total political stance is.
        When you say there is a complete absence of anything against Barack Obama, which is factually incorrect, and then use this false statement as “proof” that either the press is up Obama’s ass, or that he has no dick – what the fuck does that even mean, if not what Savor said? Shed some light, please.

        • My stance is conservative (in English: conservative… not Republican). This country needs serious re-direction and tuning up, and nobody, repeat, fucking nobody out there (that’s for Savor) is offering the slightest bit of hope from this man’s eyes. I am disgusted with everyone running, in office, the press, and the apologists for the administration who willingly believe the media whore stooges that prop his incompetent ass up, and blindly, I might add. So I guess to answer YOUR specific question, friend: BOTH… they’re up his ass in a brownnose way AND he has no dick.


      • savorthefolly Says:

        I’m pretty sure Fox news makes no apologies for the man – they are hardly his whores. It’s true I am a fan of Obama, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with everything about his administration.

        I agree the system is fucked, but I don’t think Obama is the chief problem. I’d be willing to pin the problem on greed. Many societies before ours have fallen because of greed. We certainly won’t be immune to it either.

      • Your position is now clear. Wrong, but clear. AGAIN, I’ve listed many things that the media have covered concerning Obama. You cannot close your eyes and wish really hard that they didn’t slam Obama in a multitude of ways, ways I’ve already listed and you have ignored. Hardly brown nosing. I mean, did Herman Cain or any of the other candidates from the Republican or any other party have to show their birth certificate, or have their citizenship even remotely come into question? No, they didn’t. Just Obama. I don’t hear you complaining about how unfair THAT is! Does your sense of injustice only work one way?

        On top of that, you said/implied that when Anthony Weiner texted pictures of his undies-clad junk to someone, he brought shit upon himself. Fair enough. But how is it that Cain didn’t ALSO bring shit upon himself from his actions?

        My specific question was: In light of the fact that Obama has gotten his share of slams, how is the media up his ass, and how is his dick relevant in any way?

        • John Erickson Says:

          The press outlets I consider legitimate (not you guys, Fox) have been dumping heavily on the right without too much attention to Obama. But that, in my humble opinion, is just cyclic. The GOP is the big show right now, so they’ll get the drubbing. Is it fair to disqualify candidates JUST on their sexual predilections? See my comment about JFK trying to survive today – no, it ain’t fair, but that’s the way the game is played these days. While conservative in upbringing, I was a big fan of the first Mayor Daley in Chicago. He was a crook, a louse, a liar, and one of the most onerous people I have ever heard of – but city streets downtown were IMMACULATE, the trains ran on time (thanks for that, Benito!), and the city (the white part, at least) prospered. Was Daley a clean candidate? HELL no. Did he work? HELL yeah. Would he survive today’s scrutiny? HELL squared no!
          Obama had his turn in 2008. He’ll get grilled again in 2012. Right now, the GOP is the flavour of the week. Obama IS getting something of a pass, but only temporarily.
          It’s the nature of the news beast.

        • Okay. I’m going to just let this rest and move on to more posts. You win, Hotspur.

  12. At the risk of getting jumped on here, I’m going to step into the fray …

    You all make some very good points with regard to legitimate harassment, and I completely agree with what’s been said. The problem I have is that some seem to be pushing the envelope on what harassment is.

    Granted I don’t keep up on all the accusations (the whole thing pretty much disgusts me) but I can’t help but wonder if some (not all, just some) of the accusations are an attempt to twist some innocent incident into more than it is for political purposes.

    It’s not gone unnoticed on my part that those who pose the biggest threat to Obama getting re-elected are getting slammed the worst.

    Yes, there are legitimate reasons for women to wait before making the accusation. But is it really beyond belief that some might be stretching the truth solely to discredit or damage a candidate?

    • savorthefolly Says:

      May I ask who you see as showing the greatest threat to Obama? The Republican candidates look pretty weak to me this time across the board.

      • Honestly, I personally don’t think any of the current contenders are that big a threat … I should have been more clear on that. It’s the perceived threat from Cain that I was referring to. That’s gotten some talk going out here on the news and some of the radio programs I’ve heard snippets of.

      • They are weak, from OUR point of view. But any threat is credible standing in the Oval Office.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        If Cain’s only problem was the sexual harrassment and affair stuff, then I could see their point, but he is VERY weak on foreign policy. There is NO WAY he is ready for the international stage.

        • Of course he is. He’s a businessman. What the hell do you expect? By the way, this post isn’t a sly hint at outrage over Cain dropping out.

        • I agree completely. But that doesn’t mean that someone who is less logical or more politically motivated doesn’t see something in him that is considered a threat. If one is truly shallow, the mere thought of a Black Republican could be considered a threat. I know there are a number of local “talking heads” out here that seem to think that’s the case. Whether that’s true in reality or not, I have no clue.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        no and I didn’t take it that way, I was just following the thread from Dragonfae.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if Republicans are doing it to each other. Think of Sarah Palin.

  13. Whenever I read a blog post or comments like the ones above I can’t help but smile, because to me it represents everything that is good and right about America.

    Whether we agree or disagree with this blog post today is irrelevant; what matters is that we have the freedom to gather in an open forum to voice our opinions. I feel blessed to have blog friends who aren’t afraid to exercise that freedom and am grateful for a friend like BrainRants who’s willing to defend us all.

    I am beyond thankful that when it came time for my parents to leave their homelands they looked to the west, and I will be forever grateful to the country that welcomed them.

  14. Ahem, everybody seems to be ignoring the main point here: Justin Bieber is going to get more action than any of us here will ever get, before he’s even able to grow a mustache.
    -Sad face-

  15. I was going to throw in my 2 cents, but I think Itchemeyer summed it all up quite eloquently.

    Although I wonder (about your 2nd paragraph), in a 24 hour news cycle, if Mainstream Media is even a valid target anymore.
    Everyone can (and frequently does) just look at/listen to the viewpoints that appeal to them, and often dismiss any other.

    There is an awful lot of noise out there, from all sides.

  16. Archon's Den Says:

    @ whiteladyinthehood

    He’s OK to sleep with, but I wouldn’t want to see him running the/my country. What it takes to be a paramour is not, may be the exact opposite of, what it takes to be a President. Enlightened self-interest, I feel that he is not of the mental/moral pursuasion to run the country, and I am doing the voters a service by preventing it…and if I get fifteen minutes of fame and a better job or a book deal, well, I deserve it.

  17. Brainrants and I had an affair when I was 16 and a half. Now that he is popular and getting press, I am going to piggyback off his 15 minutes of fame. I am shopping interviews to other bloggers to see who can pay me with enough hits on my blog to make me Freshly Pressed. Oh wait, I mean I don’t have an agenda, I just think the people should know.

    I could not agree with you more! If you cheated…so be it. You might be an a-hole, but 50% of marriages end in divorce, and those are just the ones who don’t take the sorry loser back. I personally am tired of every Tina, Lisa and Sally on the news saying they stroked the “ego” of a politician. i also think that if you are a public figure, you should probably conduct yourself with a tad more discretion- considering most people will sell you down the river for two nickels!

  18. This is why I believe I would make an excellent presidential candidate. Everybody already has all the dirt on me right here…

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