Thanksgiving is probably my second-favorite holiday after the Fourth of July. Part of the reason of course involves massive piles of awesome food that you only eat once or twice each year, and consume yourself into a carbohydrate- and tryptophan-induced coma. The other reason is the fact that this is one of the few holidays that haven’t been commerical-fucked by corporate advertising and their media henchmen.

Now for this installment, I could get sappy sick about how awesome and wonderful shit is. Not today. I have a turkey to deep fry and eating to do. So, a condensed list:

    • Freedom
    • Family
    • Bacon
    • Beer
    • Ice Cream
    • Good books

Have a great day, everyone. I appreciate your reads.


62 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. …and a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Di!

  3. Direct and to the point…perfect!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Di. Gobble. Gobble.

  6. savorthefolly Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from a Canadian follower… Have a pleasant day and an even more lovely coma afterwards – LOL

  9. I am thankful for your funny army self.

  10. BTW, I feel I owe Mrs. Brainrants an apology for something. i’m not exactly sure what.

  11. 🙂 That is interesting. I wonder why it hasnt been hijacked.

  12. Rock on, brother.

  13. Have a great Thanksgiving. Why does it not surprise me you’re deep frying your turkey? I’ll wait for the video.

  14. I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right, they don’t overdue Thanksgiving. Probably because it is a perishable Holiday. You don’t buy someone a big wet 20 lb. bird 2 months in advance. So, we’re good. Even bread bought more than a couple days early will go stale.

    Hah! Checkmate, Corporate America! We found a Holiday you can’t spoil because early promotion would ‘spoil’ it.

  15. John Erickson Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your special lady! 🙂

  16. Hope that on a Happy Thanksgiving, all the items on your wish-list were duly delivered. All to excess, except the family which is better in moderation …

  17. No “Happy Thanksgiving” to you, ya perverted, filthy, old fart…aw, fuckit, Happy Thanksgiving you old hoot!

  18. savorthefolly Says:

    I feel like I need some reorientation now on proper etiquette when commenting on your blog – lest I get publically flogged. Can I still say incredibly sexually provacative things? – particularly if I emphasize how old, droopy, and stretch marked my own 41 year old ass is? oh yes, and I wear bifocals. and I only want to talk about the most unpleasant parts of being a woman. For example, still on my period. yes, that’s right – remember – a whole fucking week ago you all were reading with delight all about my period starting.

    I know you all were waiting for an update, and I was right there for you.

    So….still within the bounds?

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Di and the kids. She seems worried about next March and beyond. She needs more YOU-time. You need less blog time and more HER-time. We’ve been entertained, educated and treated to a slice of your (plural) life. It’s been fantastic, but we’ve been selfish. We don’t deserve you if Di needs you. We, or someones like us, will always be here. Make sure she is too. End of sermon!

    • Noted, and thanks. If I sat here from morning to night to the exclusion of all else, I’d agree there would be some work to do. You’d be surprised at how little time I spend on this blog.

      • MRS. BRAINRANTS Says:

        Faboulous! As you would say. Thanks to all those for the input and trying but I don’t have a chance up against these types of replies. I love him and have been backing off so much hoping after 11 yrs something will bring my creative, wonderful, humorous and whom I have appreciated, been loyal, loving, trusting and faithful and so much more you all don’t even know back to US. For some reasons not yet clear I still don’t understand.

        • John Erickson Says:

          Ma’am, your husband may kill me for writing more, but let me try one thought here. Your husband is a man possessed of a great sense of love. That love manifests itself in his service to his country, in his verbal interplay on the blog, and though he may have a hard time showing it, VERY much with you. Being of a roughly similar generation, let me say that men “of a certain age” are burdened with a lot of male macho BS. We aren’t really trained in spontaneous shows of affection or what our fathers referred to as “mushy stuff”.
          But I’ve learned over the years to get a great deal of information from things that are written, and more importantly, from what ISN’T said in the writing. In all his gruff mannerisms, I see a love for you that is very strong and secure. Even his rotation to Afghanistan is a bizarre form of love – he’s defending you, via the edifice of the US Army.
          Yes, he needs to learn how to speak up more. (And that’s the part that will get me killed.) He needs to learn spontaneity, and how to make you feel first ALL the time, even when he’s on duty or on rotation.
          But the love is there. I’ve seen enough military marriages to know that for certain. And I promise I’ll do my best to polish enough of that machismo nonsense off his crusty old hide, so that you never need question his love.
          And if the both of you want to drive out here and beat me to death for sticking my big nose into your business, I’ll send you my address. 🙂

      • That was very long-winded and well put John.

  20. Worst Thanksgiving ever, health-wise. Hope yours was a blast!

  21. Why are so many people thankful for bacon? I’m with you on the good books thing, though.


    First and foremost, I would like to apoligize to you all for my lashing out this week. I have been very hurt and feel empty and dead inside. I was trying to hurt back and well i should of known that would back fire. Second, John if anyone gets killed it will be me. I know he wouldn’t want me to put our personal, all of a sudden 2 weeks ago issues on here so I will be a vague as possible. But remember, I Diana AM a good peron inside and out and as I said was blind-sided by all. We have agreed to work with a pro and together and see how that goes. I’ll I’ve every wanted was to be a part or piece of this new obsession w/o it just tearing all apart that we have been thru the good and bad together. And worked so hard to reach.
    I am not new to this Military life anymore. As I was also a Battalion Family Readiness Group leader whom at the time was just married and started something that was needed where we were at at the time.
    Been involved up till we moved here and it is so different. After that raising kids best I could with him and w/o during his 2 yr Korea, eight months home then Afghan and now with just us in the home(and thinking the fun would really begin! Ha!) and me working hard to please him and make him understand I will and have taken care of Mom best I could with and w/o him. See we are just awaiting her house to sell then she moves in. And he just doesn’t understand how difficult it may be if we don’t get ourselves right.
    I don’t want to lose my one and only great love! Like I said, just trying to give him space but if all knew he has really had more than his share.
    I could go on and just may make my own Rants. I wrote about 7 handwritten, yeah believe that shit???? In this day in age. But today, first day/evening seemed to help me cope with my lost, scared. lonely and empty etc…….feelings I have never felt in my entire life since my mother diesd in car accident at 17.
    As I said, I know some of this is my fault but it can’t be entirely. I just still have no questions answered or understand from the fun we had coming back from Vegas and getting house ready for family holidays.
    So God Bless You All and thank you. I will just keep going the best I can. I just don’t feel the love from him in this home we have built together and that’s the scary part. I’ve seen bad things happen to military families and I ahave seen the good in which I hope He and I will be the good and someday when he is out and we have fixed this fucked up IDK shit, Then we can have all you around and more involved if he so chooses. God I could keep going! Ugh! Thanks all! Diana

    • savorthefolly Says:

      Mrs Brainrants, I work as a psychologist and a big part of my practice is couples and marital therapy (yes…I know everyone who reads my blog….feel free to have a laugh….yes it’s true, even marriage therapists go through rough periods in their marriages). Obviously I don’t know the nature of the difficulties you two have to work out, but I will say that as long as both people in the couple are motivated to work it out, pretty much anything can be worked through. Good luck, it sounds like you two love each other very much.

      • MRS. BRAINRANTS Says:

        Thank you again, I need all the confidence I can get right now. Which is terribly different for me. 2010 and 2011 has got to be better. Just when things couldn’t get rougher they do. I’ll read your blog.

    • John Erickson Says:

      Diana, I’m truly sorry if I sounded like I was talking down to you. I am the first to admit I’m not a military person, and that I’ve spent my years on the sidelines, at absolute best. I have, though, seen a lot, and just wanted to let you know I’m not a total outsider. And I never, NEVER, meant to sound critical of you OR your husband. From what I’ve read here, you are both fine people, and I have every belief that you’ll make it through this.
      And if you ever want to just vent, Di, you can hijack my Email from your husband and just ramble. I’m here, for both of you, whenever you need me.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        because John is a giver. Watch out Mrs. B. he’s crazy as a fucking loon. *sticks tongue out at John E.*

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