Versatile Liebsterwurst

Here we go again, sort of. The cool thing about being a tool using animal is that the lump of shit stuck between my ears (other than the mucus build-up) allows me to remember great tips and techniques about things in the past and apply them to similar situations in the future.

Apparently the author(s) RandomFemaleBlog find me so totally compelling, awesomesauce, and rant-a-licious that they nominated me for an award. Yours truly is now a member of the Liebster Alumni. Thank you Randoms!

*pauses for the wild applause to die down*

I must have some talent (skillz for you folks under 25) since I am also a Versatile Blogger (thanks to H.E. Ellis for busting my blog cherry on that)(and Delightfulness for the latest, also today – thank you delight!)Β and believe I hold the standing record for longest duration of owning Freshly Pressed in one single selection… ever. Someone calculated it at 2.8 weeks. Love the decimal. Awesomesauce.

The unifying theme to these non-reviewed blog awards is that they closely resemble chain letters. So being in the position of not wanting to offend those who find my mental vomit so compelling – because it really is a nice thought when someone thinks enough to send the very best – I also feel an equal need to stamp out the self-perpetuating nature of these awards.

The rules of The Liebster (which, like Sparklebumps, I find disturbingly close to ‘Bieber’) dictate I mention follow-on awardees. Also like her I will ask you to go to my homepage and check out my blogroll – which is an impressive collection of talent to which I also aspire.

Rock on!


45 Responses to “Versatile Liebsterwurst”

  1. We’re kinda awesome, aren’t we? πŸ˜‰

  2. ‘awesomesauce’ ? (0.o) quissical.

  3. Ooh . . . how about a trifecta of awards? Please accept the Sexiest Blog Award from SLTW:

    Oh, what did you win?
    Bragging rights.

    Isn’t that what most (non-monetized) awards boil down to? An accolade, or expression of praise, from the award giver to the award recipient, often benefitting both the giver and the recipient through increased product sales and PR?

  4. Says:

    I want to be awesome, too. ;(

  5. ok , which decade is awesomesauce from ? I must know .

  6. Ok , step one , you can’t slip in nonmainstream-shouldntevenexist words in random ….. ok I’ll stop irritating for now . Have an exam to study for.


    Yes remember, he has a Mrs. Brainrants and he is the greatest! And all mine
    !!!!! πŸ™‚

  8. You just said awesomesauce. You do have mad skillz.

  9. It does resemble chain letters, but I decided to ignore it, be happy, and honour the blogs I like.

  10. So technically, since I’m on your blogroll, I just got the award. Which I now give back to you. And under the Liebster Award Bylaws (Sept. 2011 revisions) you are now required to pass it on again or a kitten will be fed to a dolphin that’s being run over by a jetski. Do you really want that on your head?

    The choice is yours.

    Oh, and who is Liebster anyway? Shouldn’t we be getting a bronze bust of the guy or something?

  11. Haha, the comments on this one were almost as entertaining as the post itself. I think in the near future, I may also go the route of Sparkles…that’s what blogrolls are for. And Awesomesauce is the most effective word to describe something that is even more awesome than being awesome…so awesome in fact that you, as you mentioned, ooze it. πŸ˜‰

  12. Ok, folks, while I know commenting on your own blog post makes you a douchebag, I’ll cede that title since I already am one. John Erickson is cut off from the Information Superhighway that my douchebag buddy Al “invented” so this explains the sharp drop in comments… Knowing you are all hurting, I’ll replicate John’s likely comments below:

  13. On John Erickson’s Behalf: “Blah blah blah, ’76 Gremlin, wha wha wha, turbocharger, bla bla bla, mount 7.62 quads, watercooled, in the exhaust, wha wha wha, Ohio rural torture, blu blu blu stare at goats.”

  14. Hey! Mrs. Brainrants!! like Edwardhotspur rightly put it . Nice of you to show up :D.


    Well all my man’s followers………We shall see………..Thanks for the hello’s.

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