Random Thought #23

Recently overheard in my house:

  • CAT: “MEEEOW!”
  • ME: “What, shithead?”
  • CAT: “MEEEOW!”
  • ME: “Timmy fell down the well?”
  • CAT: “MEEEOW!”
  • ME: “You found the ‘droids I was looking for?”
  • CAT: “MEEEOW!”
  • ME: “For God’s sake, speak English!”
  • CAT: “Meow… purr purr purr.”
  • ME: “Fuck me.”

The hilarity continues…


40 Responses to “Random Thought #23”

  1. John Erickson Says:

    As I wrote elsewhere, dogs are plug and play. Cats need an instruction manual. Dogs are “The Little Engine That Could”. Cats are “War and Peace”.
    Though you CAN train cats, using dog techniques. You just need a REALLY young kitten, and a very silly and stubborn person with lots of time on their hands. 😉

  2. OracularSpectacular Says:

    Have you seen that video of the cat that gets caught barking by her owner and goes back to meowing? If I was less lazy I’d find the link for you on youtube, sadly however I am very lazy.

  3. Next time , try singing ‘Soft kitty ‘( I’m hoping you watch big bang theory )

  4. “You found the ‘droids I was looking for?” Ahahaha this made me chuckle big time!!

  5. Did you mount a camera in our home?

  6. That’s sort of a cliffhanger there…

  7. savorthefolly Says:


  8. As usual, the cat gets all the good lines.

  9. Hahaha! ‘What shithead?’ awesome.

  10. LOL … sounds like some of the conversations I had with my cat when he was around. He was very vocal … and demanding. Pretty much a pain in the ass a lot of the time. 🙄

  11. I got distracted by your comments…”they’re essentially slobbery scavengers like most people I have to deal with.” – I could help but wonder if your wife thinks this exact thing about you when she whips her boobies out….

  12. Hehehe, cats… Here it’s mostly:
    “MEEEOOOWWWW meeOOoooowwwWW”
    “Tell m-”
    “Okay, go and conquer our beds.”
    *cat runs to bed, sleeps rest of the day*

  13. I know, I know you’ve probably gotten a hundred of these already but the instructions said to notify my award winners and because I fear the repercussions of karma, I am letting you know that I nominated you on my blog as one of my versatile bloggers. =) I hope this expands the outreach of your blog even further, because they are too damn good not to be read by..well everyone with a brain.

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