In The News: Learning Apathy

When I see a news gem about Suffolk University (Massachusetts) effort to have students and teachers send deployed military care packages – sunblock, candy, sundry items that are hard to get in places where convenience stores don’t really exist – I think about how awesome it is that folks volunteer to do that. A small gesture goes a long way.

Then of course the real point to the story is the dipwad professor – A certain Michael Avery, professor of law – is experiencing some significant wadding of his professorial panties over this effort. He apparently feels sending care packages is wrong because it supports those sent overseas to kill other humans, and equally wrong that the university participate in care package activity.

As a Soldier, I’m bound by oath to not only defend this dumbass but ensure his right to be a dumbass in public as well. I actually don’t have an issue with that because there are plenty of other people out there who are bright enough to realize that freedom has a price, and if they’re not willing to pay it themselves then just shut the fuck up and stay out of the way of those who will. So that isn’t what this ranty hateorade is about.

What really yanks my pubes about this story is the fact that this fuckwit is an educator. And not just a law professor, but one of Constitutional Law. To my mind this professorhood puts you in a bit different status than Joe Average. You have responsibility over putting information and skills into other people’s minds. In a large way that is influential. It sickens me that anyone with this responsibility would use their position to put beliefs into minds that should have the opportunity to form beliefs of their own based strictly on facts.

The frightening part of this shit is, that like a virus, these agenda-driven little excursions into political indoctrination – yes, indoctrination – will inevitably grow. Like a virus the straw-man linkage between a noble pursuit (understanding our Constitution) and a distasteful but necessary action (taking lives of those who would destroy the Constitution) will spread. It will suggest over time that the best ideals of mankind yet produced will live on through the mere force of their ideas alone when history clearly indicates otherwise. It will, I fear, allow a bright light to dim, gutter in a dark wind, and ultimately wink out.

But then, what the fuck do I know?


70 Responses to “In The News: Learning Apathy”

  1. I think…… in the years to come , expressions like “what really yanks my pubes ” will catch on .
    Trust me .

    Also , I don’t think a whole post was required to adress the issue ….. the degree of idioticity of the prof’s logic is pretty clear …. and lazy bastards like him don’t usually end up changing the world in anyway you know of…..

  2. To be in the position of dispensing responsible education to the masses is something that should be held in the highest regards for sensibility, logic and clear understanding of all issues facing humanity, and especially young people. This fuckwit should be taken out and hog-tied to the back of a moving F150 with ass-hat rebels at the wheel…just my thoughts.

  3. This is just one instance where education doesn’t help someone from being a complete Fucktard. And people call me stupid because I didn’t go to college…

  4. This Professor sounds like a Jehovas Witness. They won’t go to War for their country, based on religious beliefs and concientious objections…I wonder how objectionable the Professor and J.W’s would be to wearing turbans and forced worship of an alternate diety, should our military just lay down their guns and go ballessly along with whatever the militant World Domination Regime Du Jour demands?

  5. I think I’m going to spend the next few days gathering donations for care packages to send to troops overseas. I’ll be sure to label the sender “Michael Avery, Professor of Law.”

    Total wanker (thanks for the word, Megan).

  6. It’s exactly attitudes like his that resulted in the shameful mistreatment of Vietnam vets. You’d think as a “learned” man he would think to make that connection, but being educated is not the same as being smart.

  7. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    I have sent care packages before..I ‘adopted’ a soldier who didnt have any family. My mom and I sent 5 boxes of stuff to this soldier trying to fulfill his wish list..and I was PROUD to do it and would do it again. And your right, DOING NOTHING is making a choice…this was a very good post.

  8. savorthefolly Says:

    This is a case of legitimate feelings getting confused with legitimate actions:

    Firstly, Part of what makes this country great is that we encourage and defend the idea that reasonable and intelligent people can and will disagree, and that open conversation and debate between opposing positions further enriches the conversation, and ultimately, our understanding of how to live a fuller richer life…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…blah blah blah…

    If this profossor disagrees with the defense policies of this country, then the correct action is to address the people making the decisions, not to limit the personal comfort and resources of the soldiers involved.

    Secondly, having been raised by people just like this professor, I think another issues is that some people believe or imagine that it is possible (at this point in history) to have a peace on Earth, if only everyone would just stop fighting. oh please….

    to me that’s just like trying to get rid of prostitution. It’s the oldest profession in the world for a reason – and I would be willing to argue that the second oldest profession in the world is Warrior – also for a reason.

    Human nature is both beautiful and ugly. In order to survive as a species we have had to develop the ability to both make love and to make war.

    I feel like I want to launch into a long diatribe about foreign and domestic policy and the need to consider the realities of human nature and a planet with limited resources when making such decisions, but this is already a really long comment.

  9. There are so many who are willing to stand up and run their mouths and so few willing to stand up and fight with their lives. If the professor doesn’t agree with war, perhaps he should engage BOTH our citizens and our enemies in his debate. I’m sure he’ll find one far more forgiving than the other.

  10. I too have sent care packages to our brave men and women over seas. One unit was so thrilled they sent me a neat little certificate as a thank you … I will cherish that certificate forever. It aggravates me that it’s so hard now to send packages to the troops.

    And it annoys me to no end that people like this don’t “get it”. Sadly, many in academia feel that they’ve gained a pulpit with a captive audience. Having your opinions is fine, forcing them on anyone is not.

    Many years ago I went to my old high school to talk to one of the classes (drafting teacher wanted me to “inspire” some of the girls) and I got snagged to talk to a second class. That other class was taught by a woman who was rabidly anti-military/anti-war. She made the mistake of asking what I did … at the time I was working on the Peacekeeper ICBM guidance system. So that talk ended up being an argument between she and I about the need for ICBMs. She tried to paint me as “evil” for working on such a system … I was (and still am) fervently for the “bigger stick as a deterrent”. I work at what I do because I’m not one of those willing to “step up and fight” but appreciate those who do … and feel they should have the best tools available to aid their efforts.

    I have no problem with folks having opposing opinions, but I do have a problem with educators using their positions to attempt to influence young minds without presenting the opposing side. It’s attempted brainwashing, plain and simple.

  11. My husband and I were talking about how people who say crazy things or do crazy things in regards to religion, patriotism, whatever are really blind to the fact that what they protest allows them to say what they are saying. I know my opinions are different than others and I feel strongly for those fighting for us whether or not I agree with any particular war/battle/whatever at any given point because they are doing a job they signed up for to protect US. It seems there is a lack of respect for that simple fact in today’s society.

    I get that people have the right to say and do just about whatever they want. But they should understand WHERE that right comes from and learn just a bit more respect and pass THAT along to our youth.

  12. Jenera reblogged this on Fat Girl Approved and commented: I am reblogging this because Mr. BrainRants says things a whole lot better than me.

  13. […] have been reading BrainRants for a few weeks now after seeing him on Freshly Pressed and frankly, I think he is awesome.  He […]

  14. What do you know? A hell of a lot more than he does. You’ve been there and done that, and thank you for doing a difficult and often thankless job. Them that can, do. Them that can’t, teach, and look at the shit, idiots like this teach.

    And the shit runs downhill, and gets in peoples eyes and ears. Back in the 80s, when the Russkies were still a force. I passed local city hall. There was some kind of protest, including a table and a petition. It was about nuclear disarmament. The woman in front of me ran over and signed, and then turned to me and insisted that I should also sign. It’s a good basic idea, but, if we do, they won’t, so it’s useless to sign. Besides which, Canada doesn’t have a stockpile of nukes, so it’s useless X 2 to sign. I looked at the petition and almost fainted. It called for unilateral disarmament. I told the woman that there was no sense of us doing it if the Russians didn’t also have to. “Oh yes!”, she replied, “they’d have to do it too.” “Lady, do you KNOW what you signed? Do you know what unilateral means?” “Oh yes,” she says, “That means they have to, too.” Shook my head, and walked away.

    My old man used to say, “Don’t eat that, Elmer. It’s horseshit.”

  15. John Erickson Says:

    You know, the Amish are HIGHLY anti-violence and anti-war. But they don’t convene classes at universities to shove it down the throats of unwitting students.
    The prof can have his opinion. It’s when he tries to pass it off as “education” that I go all Red Queen and yell “Off with his heads!”. From the bottom up. 😉

    • savorthefolly Says:

      can ya tell this is an issue near and dear to my fucking heart? I have so much to say on this issue:

      I think that when you get to a certain level it is actually VERY hard to make a distinction between “education” and “opinion” because a great deal of what is written in textbooks etc IS someone’s opinion. History goes to the winners and all that.

      This professor seems outdated to me. Hello? Blaming and depriving the soldiers is so 40 years ago. He just ends up looking unsophisticated and clueless.

      and chopping the heads off unsophisticated and clueless professors…..I am so on board for that.

    • savorthefolly Says:

      It’s funny, my fantasies always involved dead professors with their heads chopped off already buried in my back yard. For some reason I never wrote in the details about the weapon I used.

  16. Hate the war? Okay, but love and respect the military. How’d Professor Fucktard get to work, anyway? Could it be by driving a car that runs on gas made from oil from a Middle Eastern dictatorship? Why doesn’t THAT bother him?

  17. Absolute-bloody-wanking-wanker-dickhole-fuckwit-fucklicker-shitpileofcrap-dogwanker-moron!

  18. Someone needs to “yank the pubes” of that professor. Hard. I heard about him on the news this morning, could not believe what I was hearing. He is entitled to his opinion, of course, but considering he is a professor in constitutional law, I would HOPE he remembers it is the right of the students to send the packages. Funny, how that works. Go students! (Dunk that professors head in a well, even better, send him to fight, let him back up his studies with his actions)

  19. I don’t know what kind of “nuclear watch list” Canada might be on. When I wrote nukes, I meant bombs, which we don’t have, especially back in the 80s. We’re far too well mannered for that. Canadians are just like Americans except without the bravado, self-confidence and weapons.

    We do have “nukes,” but they’re CANDU power generating plants, the best design in the world. When they’re exposed to minor inconveniences like earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados, they don’t go all China Syndrome, like certain Japanese reactors I could mention.

  20. It’s ok. What you learn as a sheltered kid in university only lasts until reality kicks it out of you. You know, 30, 40 years max.

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