Random Thought #22

How sad is it that out of a country of 330 million people, I can look at the upcoming field of candidates and sitting elected officials and have one clear thought:


39 Responses to “Random Thought #22”

  1. I think this is THE most pathetic group of candidates for president I have ever seen! And the ones in office are all spineless wonders!

  2. Our founding fathers represented the interests of the many at great personal sacrifice. . .

    Today’s politicians are in the political arena to feed their egos and line their pockets.

  3. A quote I proudly acknowledge as an Elite original: “Politics is but an illusion these days and politicians but the illusionists.”

  4. I’m right there with you! Meeh

  5. John Erickson Says:

    I think the Onion News Network has the right idea with “The Unknown Candidate”, a la “The Unknown Comic” we old farts remember. Though personally, I want somebody to run under the name “I Have No Idea”. Not only truth in advertising, but if he gets elected and does something stupid, when asked who you voted for, you could honestly say “I have no idea”. πŸ˜€

  6. Here in NH these guys come right to your door and knock. I’ll be sure to pass your sentiments along when they do. πŸ™‚

  7. Try to get them to say stupid things, and then upload it to YouTube. They’ll love that! And hand them copies of your book, so they’ll be seen (the books, not the candidates).

    Now that I’ve reread that, just record what they say and upload it to YouTube. The stupid will take care of itself.

  8. i’d say the “candidates” were a bit less able than the sitting president…congress, with far too few exceptions, is another story.

  9. I reiterate my joy at having found this group of weird, wild and wonderful writers. Able to think, debate and communicate, led by Standard-Bearer Brainrants. Well-read, well informed, ready, willing and able to provide carefully considered information and non-judgemental advice and guidance, whether upscale or down and dirty, like Rants’ list of political adjectives above.

    I dreamed up fuckstick in my teens, before I’d heard anybody else use it. I finally stopped using it when the last two-legged waste of space and oxygen that I applied it to whined, “What does that mean?”

    • Archon, you remain welcome here in spite of your Canadian nationality. Joke…. joke…

      Thank you for that.

      • John Erickson Says:

        Hey, in my book, Archon is most welcome BECAUSE of his Canadian nationality! Especially if that nationality comes from the area around Hamilton. πŸ˜‰

  10. Rants! What are you doing up past midnight, you mad fool? Go to bed! Read this in the morning.

    I am graced by your welcome and patience. I am probably the oldest and least formally educated of your private Wild Bunch, and that includes Erickson. (Age, not education)

    I knew the Canadian jibe was just a joke. You let Kaijay in here, you’ll let anybody in, Lard tund’rin’. I couldn’t take offence anyway, we’re far too polite for that.

  11. […] you’re like this gentleman and you find yourself less-than-thrilled with the current crop of Republican presidential […]

  12. Last election, i voted for local things i knew about, and wrote in my own candidate for president. I was a little disappointed that he didnt win, truth be told. You always hear about how nobody goes to the polls anymore, i thought Flying Cars would have a fighting chance.

  13. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse we’ve moved from barely acceptable, to ignorant, to pathetic. But the upside is they seem to provide endless fodder for jokes.

  14. Shimoniac Says:

    Hi there, another Canadian here. I’ll tell you why Canadians find American politics endlessly fascinating and amusing. It’s because you always have such a great crop of bizarre, eccentric, and just plain lunatic candidates. I remember H. Ross Perot.
    Canadian politicians on the other hand have all the charm, charisma and excitement of a group of accountants and corporate lawyers.

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