Random Thought #21

After a particularly unrestful night of sleep for both Di and me, this conversation in our living room this afternoon:

ME: “Hey Sweet, sorry you slept shitty. I have to ask you something, though.”

DI: “What?”

ME: “Why were you spraying Febreeze on my feet at 0330?*

Trust me, you don’t want to know.


* Note: 0330 is military time for 3:30AM


59 Responses to “Random Thought #21”

  1. Some questions are better left unasked…

  2. savorthefolly Says:

    no really, I do want to know. it’s Halloween, go ahead, horrify us.

    • Suffice it to say it had nothing to do with my feet, which were clean.

    • Um, Halloween is not today. It’s tomorrow, Einstein. =D

      • savorthefolly Says:

        yes but I’m super hung over from not one but two Halloween parties from last night so in my house at least Halloween started last night and will end late Monday evening.

      • What Ranter said. Aren’t you like 50 though? You must have been a nightmare when you were 20.

      • Savor the folly Says:

        Well young man, I am 41 years old. I’m sure you will be glad to know that you can still have a great time with friends EVEN if you get as OLD as I am. The parties just include a lot of kids running around too. Can’t be as raucous as before kids but still a really great time.

      • Savor the folly Says:

        Also, it gets a lot easier to get hung over on very little alcohol when you’re as old as I am. I probably had three stiff drinks tops.

        • Get ‘im Savor. I’ll take a party at 42 over a party at 18 any day. Much more fun. And I find the hangovers are fewer now that I know what the fuck I’m doing… or not doing.

      • Yes, you guys may be right about that, but I imagine at 42, Ranter, the girls may start to lack a bit in certain departments. And Savor, well, same goes for you. hahaha I’m merely messing with ya

      • savorthefolly Says:

        Exactly. Elite, everything just gets better the older you get – the only thing you youngins have on us old folks is a younger body. Pretty much everything else gets better with time – and that includes parties. Last night was a good time. It was at the neighbors house next door, which is actually a kind of haunted house looking place – it is this old victorian looking house with a wrap around porch, down in a bowl like area surrounded by trees – super creepy. And then another neighbor down the road had a huge party. Love my neighborhood. Good friends, good times.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        Elite don’t be such a shit. We have a nice group of about 8 to 10 families – we all get along well. But no, we’re not all trying to sleep with each other. If that were the case, then we’d be swingers. Which is kinda fucked up if you ask me.

        Enjoy your single life Elite – someday you too will find yourself married to a woman as she ages, and I hope for her sake you grow up a bit.

      • I think you missed the part where I put “hahahahahha I’m messing with ya.” Did you, Savor?

        As Ranter said…”Ouch!”

      • oh, and also Savor, I wasn’t implying you were all a bunch of swingers. Far from it.

        You might want to take it easy sometimes. We’re all just having a spot of fun here, no one’s serious about any of this.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        Look Elite, I’m in a shitty ass mood these days so sometimes I’m not actually out here to have a good time. Sometimes I’m out here because I’d rather rip the head off of some random stranger (in this case you) then get into a nasty arguement with my husband right in front of our young impressionable daughters.

        As for the remark – I think if you think that teasing a 40 year old woman about no longer being attractive is all in good fun, then just remember how funny you thought it was when I mercilessly teased you about premature ejaculation. So maybe I went too far and had it coming from you. Fine, I can live with that. But how about we keep our teasing above the belt going forward?

      • savorthefolly Says:

        Having said all that, I’ve had to email pretty much all my blog friends at one time or another to apologize for taking my home angst out on them – which maybe helps me feel better but isn’t fair to them. I am TRYING to contain the shitstorm that is my life right now, but I don’t always succeed.

        anyway….ramble…ramble…blah blah…blah…..

        • Don’t worry, I have very thick skin. Erickson doesn’t, but his is so wrinkly that it’s the equivalent. πŸ˜‰

          • John Erickson Says:

            Hey, I do NOT have wrinkles. I have enough liver spots to be invited into the Leopard society, but no wrinkles. Not much skin, either, just a whole lot of scars. Too much fun, too little common sense. πŸ˜€

      • Savor the folly Says:

        *drowning sorrows in Halloween candy*

      • As I recall, the ED thing was a source of great humor among us all but it’s all in the past.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        sheesh Elite. Talking to you makes me think I should start teaching a college course for freshmen guys on how to talk to women. we’ll spend a whole month on how to deal with an irate woman. just think of the drama and misery we could spare everyone if that were a required course.

      • I have a most biting remark to say but I’ll keep my trap firmly shut in place…but I’m sure we both know what I could say next…

      • savorthefolly Says:

        yes the ladies will be required to take the companion course too. I’m fully aware that it takes two to tango.

        for what it’s worth Elite – I REALLY like you. I wouldn’t bother to argue with you if I didn’t think you were worth the trouble.

      • savorthefolly Says:

        *smiles**scowls**smiles**scowls**makes note to self to include a section on how to handle moody women*

      • Good, just checking you didn’t mean that only ONE had to dance.

        I appreciate the sentiment. ;D

  3. (0.o) ( excuse this , but ) Dude!! !?!?!!?

  4. because it was a normal time in England πŸ˜‰

  5. haha that’s hilarious!! I don’t want to know the real reason.. much better to use the imagination for things like this.. =)

  6. John Erickson Says:

    So a SMELL woke your wife at 0330? Jeez, the cats have FIGHTS on top of my wife, and she sleeps right through it! What’s your secret?
    By the by, I am SO sorry for you getting the Versatile Blogger Award. You do absolutely deserve the award itself, but I’m sorry about the work it will cause you. That award follows me around, and I kid you not – five bloggers I follow have received it right after the blogger and I have a funny exchange. (Yes, both funny “ha-ha” and funny “WTF?”) Good luck with it. πŸ™‚

  7. You and Di have a fascinating relationship. πŸ˜€

  8. Aw, c’mon! Don’t keep us in suspenders. Some of us are strange enough to want to know. This is like tearing out the last few pages of an Agatha Christie book. In this case, we know whodunnit. We’d really like to know why!

  9. Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.

  10. Ah! I see, said the blind man.

  11. Blame it on sleepwalking.

  12. That must have been a night to remember :).

  13. Poor thing. Sleeping with Stinky Feet. Must be that rare kind of pure and divine love. πŸ™‚

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