Awesome: Taco Tia

(from Taco Tia website)

It has been a while since my last gushing endorsement of a food or food-slinging establishment.  I thought about Taco Tia tonight while whipping up dinner, which consisted of home-made refried beans and home-made taco sauce.  No, I don’t bother with making tortillas because that requires actual skill.

Taco Tia is a tiny hole-in-the-wall establishment in SoCal, where (gasp) I grew up.  They have a Wednesday special – well, at least they used to – that was two menu items and a drink for $2.  If you think Taco Bell or Del Taco are good and the end-all of Mexican fast food, then you are a doodie headed retard.  However, due to the limited number of Taco Tia outlets (3)(I think) which all are located in the Inland Empire (SoCal), I can forgive you for your lack of a credible standard by which to compare other, lesser Mexican fast foods.

Anyway, without a doubt, Taco Tia has the most crunchy tacos (Di’s vote), best-flavored and home-made beans (my vote), and awesome home-made taco sauce (again, me). Taco Tia was the inspiration for me to learn how to make both refried beans and taco sauce from scratch. I did, I have mastered them, and I am both fat and happy now. And admittedly gassy. Like In-N-Out Hamburgers, part of their key to success is to have only a few menu items but make all of them perfectly.

At any rate, you must visit one if you are near.  Straight up. I ate so much Taco Tia with friends in high school that in large part, the success of our varsity football team in the ’85 and ’86 seasons traces straight to Taco Tia.  We did eat that much. I still have and wear a Taco Tia tee shirt from time to time.

You know you’ll sit and wonder just how good it is until you go get some. Likely you’re also thrilled to be sitting far from me.

36 Responses to “Awesome: Taco Tia”

  1. Is it worth a 5 hour plane ride?

    And when I saw “Tia” in your title I thought, “Score! A post about Tia Carrere!” Foiled again.

  2. truelibertarian Says:

    Damn you Californian hippies with your exclusive fast food establishments!

  3. I love good Mexican food! I’ll be visiting Palm Springs, Long Beach and Catalina in November. Will I be anywhere near a Taco Tia?

    • You may well be close. Google Taco Tia, and see if you pass by Redlands. Also, don’t forget the In-N-Out Hamburger. Not optional.

    • You’ve got a couple of options to get from Palm Springs to Long Beach. Opt for the one taking you from I-10 to I-215 to CA-55 and you’ll drive right through Redlands. The route that includes Hwy-60 takes you away from the direction of Redlands and the awesomeness that is Taco Tia and is therefore the suckier option despite being a slightly shorter drive.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, if you leave Palm Springs and travel Hwy 10 West and exit downtown Redlands, pass the Staters Brothers SuperMarket on the right at the next block.

      1004 Orange st.
      Redlands, Ca 92374

  4. HEEHEE! Doodie head retard! You just made my day! And really, tortillas are super easy to make.

    • Awesome! As for tortilla making, I generally suck at making anything involving flour, except for cake. Mrs. Rants will confirm my cookies are usually used for shooting skeet.

  5. We don’t have one of those in my city. We’re stuck with taco bell.

  6. John Erickson Says:

    We don’t have much in the line of fast-food Mexican other than Taco Hell, but there is an OUTSTANDING Mexican restaurant in the tiny burg of Coshocton. We checked out a number of Mexican restaurants in the Chicago area, and liked a number of sit-downs, but our fave “fast food” was El Famous Burrito, a half-dozen store chain that made HUGE (and delicious) burritos. We really miss them!

  7. The best tacos I ever had . . . NOT from Taco Bell.

    Our car broke down in front of a a taco stand just south of the border in Mexico. Each taco cost a quarter.

    Call it Desiny.
    Call it Fate.
    Best taco I’ve ever eaten.


    Maybe they franchised the stand and turned it into Taco Tia?

  8. New Hampshire has almost nothing for Mexican restaurants, unfortunately. There are, however, three Dunkin Donuts in my town of 6000 people. Go figure.

  9. If you think Taco Bell or Del Taco are good and the end-all of Mexican fast food, then you are a doodie headed retard… You are so right! God I miss SoCal and by SoCal, I mean good Mexican. OK, and In-N Out, but largely good Mexican food.

  10. i do believe you’ll be “sitting” and “wondering” alright. continue…

  11. Sounds like a great hangout!

  12. […] ride, so to speak. I did tell her that we need to visit Taco Tia’s and In-N-Out Burger because Brainrants told me they have the best burritos and burgers around. I’ve been consulting maps and Google. The […]

  13. […] a jet plane tomorrow to do some California dreaming or whatever it is they do in California. Yes, Brainrants, I do have a plan and a map to Taco Tia’s and In-N-Out Burger.  I will probably execute said […]

  14. Have to completely disagree, being burger obsessed. The be all end all of fast food burgers is clearly Five Guys; whatever is in their stuff is narcotic….

    • Five Guys is good, I’ll give you that, but don’t think they top In-n-Out.

      • Had my first In-n-Out burger last night (Monday night – just got home and still on California time). Had the double double with onions and it was very good and the vanilla shake was also very good. Also found Taco Tia in Redlands last week before driving up to Big Bear and had a bean and cheese burrito. It was excellent. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

  15. […] I decided to answer the comments to my blog, and post a quick comment on Brainrants to let him know that he was off the hook and would not have to devour one of my thongs with or […]

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