Random Thought #18

Is it just me or does everyone’s throat start to suddenly malfunction at random times?  What gives?  I can be sitting here just minding my own business tapping out a blog, and then *bang* I go and swallow coffee or spit or something normal but I don’t do it quite right.  Then the next hour or so is spent enjoying these little hacky barking coughs because Mr. Throat has decided to run the reset subroutine and nothing’s getting in or out in a manner that is considered normal.  Do you know how difficult it is to type when your eyes are watered up this badly?  Stupid throat. Maybe I’m catching a cold. Dammit.

Excuse me while I go roto-rooter my gullet. This sucks ass.


39 Responses to “Random Thought #18”

  1. It’s not just you. 😦

  2. Definitely not. Happens to me all the time and it always has a way of happening when when I am in a meeting with my managers of presenting something! #FML

  3. As I read this post my mind went in a 1000 different directions and came up with a 1000 different comments. All of them X-rated. You’re a clever boy so I’ll just leave it at that.

  4. This happens to me when I choke on Starburst spit. The last time, I was at work and I wrote a note to my boss that if he found me dead, I expired from wrongful candy sputum swallowing.

  5. Always seems to happen to me at work, when I either can’t speak or start speaking in German without thinking. Haesslich dummkopf, jawohl!

  6. Yeah, been there. Screw that stuff. Ever been walking perfectly normal, but then your knee is resting or something for just one step and your leg just buckles? Stupid body. I need to upgrade to a robot body ASAP.

  7. Sometimes when I’m reading your posts my mouth malfunctions by spraying coffee all over my keyboard.

    Does that count? 😀

  8. Yeah what the hell is that? I still can’t figure out when I’m coming down with a cold and when its just plain locking up on me.

  9. IT HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! It can be just a drink of water or a crumb or almost anything. I laughed at the shared humanity of a tiny bodily malfunction.

  10. The human body is a delicate instrument prone to breakdowns at any given time. Just wait for the robot version to come out soon!

  11. why am I here in a handbasket? Says:

    maybe you have a tumor on your esophagus. 🙂

    • Well fuck me I’m really not sure how to take this comment. Hold on, I’m headed to the basement to find a laser pointer and some fiber optic cable and a tiny camera… jesus I’m gonna die…

  12. why am I here in a handbasket? Says:

    you’re funny as shit. I suggest some light sedation before proceeding. Cheers!

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