Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too

I had to share this picture, but first some background. Army folks like to have these get-togethers to make everyone feel like they’re all part of one big, dysfunctional, camouflaged family. These can be potlucks, sit-down dinners, or simple shit, like everyone getting together at a bowling alley and having some drunk bowling. In good units, people enjoy these. In other units, this becomes known as mandatory fun.

On Friday afternoon, we all get to take half the day and f-off at drunk bowling. Win. Downside is the pile of work I won’t accomplish (mainly phone calls and teleconferences). Fail.

At any rate, Di and I decided that it would be supremely awesome for us to do some small gesture of thanks for the support, thought, notes, and flowers she got while chilling in the Neurological ICU after crushing a cervical disk.  Doing a cartwheel. For the intensely interested, read about it here and here. This was not a fun month of recovery, but we’re making good progress.

Back to the blog topic. We kicked this gesture idea around and arrived at the idea of having a cake made for everyone to eat (because cake and beer go together well) with a big ‘thank you’ message iced on the top. Now, if you think for a minute that I’m the only sick, twisted, and ranty lifeform at this URL, think again, because there’s a reason she puts up with my sorry ass besides the money each month.

Long story short, here’s the main decoration we drew up to design on the cake. Not shown is the text which will say, “Thanks for the support you guys… Cartwheel Probation.”  Enjoy:


Cartwheel Probation


34 Responses to “Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too”

  1. John Erickson Says:

    That is absolutely sick, twisted, demented, juvenile, and idiotic.
    I LOVE IT!!! 😀

  2. I just realized almost every one of your posts is tagged “beer.”

  3. My former boss, who served in the Army, called it “forced fun.” His example was when they had to go swimming for fun, the guys would stand ankle deep in the water and smoke cigarettes. 😀

  4. Hahahahah!! XD good stuff!

  5. truelibertarian Says:

    Or you could go the typical child’s birthday party route and have a stripper jump out of the cake (remember she’s in there… cutting a stripper cake gets messy, and I hate Bleach). My birthday parties were the stuff of legend around my school.


    Yes we are a lil’ demented and more Ha! But very blessed I am pretty much okay.Winter is going to be a bitch with the nerve damage but I am and have always been a survivor and fighter. Guess one of the many reasons why I am with the man I am with, LOL. I am also blessed to have Mr. BrainRants as my best friend and more…. I do want to thank all of you whom have shown your support 2 months to the day today since I did that cartwheel and it really could have been WAY worse! With your caring, considerate and etc…. words. I greatly appreciate it. Never thought out of all the things I could and have done in my many years on this earth that something as simple as that would cause so much damage, pain and so much more I am having to fight through right now. So thank you all again! And I am glad you are enjoying his rants though I have to bitch at times hence he is on this constantly! More from me later. God bless and keep you all safe and secure! Mrs. BrainRants!!!! 🙂

  7. That’s the most awesomest cake decoration I’ve ever seen . . . but OUCH!

  8. I think that cake is absolutely genius. I also wish I had discovered this blog sooner. I have laughed myself to nearly wetting my pants several times now, which I’m not exactly proud of. I love the way you describe mando fun, and that being said, the only good time I’ve ever had at one of those events was the time that our BN started the new housing construction sit on fire, and caused no less than 200,000 dollars worth of damage. Best mando fun ever.

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