Five Freaky Things I Like To Eat

The AutoTopic finally jarred loose a good and original blog topic, and here you are.  Warning: if any of the three things below causes you to hurl, barf, reboot, blow chunks, vomit, or some other equally-cool synonym for throwing up, it’s not my fault.  I can’t make you read this because you’re over there and I’m here (*waves*).  I’d judge the last one to be something you might try on an adventurous day, which is why I put it last.

Other than noted due to the fact that the final one is likely to be most more edible to everyone, in no particular order:

Pickle Juice.  I will patiently await the last dill spear and then just sit there and drink the remaining pickle juice.  Yeah, I know that’s not great for the salt and such.  Got it, thanks.  I’d also note that pickle juice is not like beer and should not be guzzled.  Rather, it is more like a good whiskey and should be sipped reflectively. Surprisingly refreshing on a hot day. Not recommended for folks with ulcers and other heinous gastrointestinal issues.

Burnt Chicken Bones. This is sort of like sucking the ends of ribs, but there’s nothing odd about that. Since the time I was a small me, I’ve loved having fried chicken and saving the crisped-up rib bones for last. Obviously a risky food to eat from a choke-and-die point of view, but well worth that risk if you’re patient enough to chew thoroughly.

Bleu Cheese.  I know, nothing particularly disturbing about bleu cheese.  However, who sits and eats it with a spoon, right out of the container?  Or slaps the wedge on a plate and calls it a snack?  Yeah, me, that’s who.  Simply delightful. Not recommended prior to situations where your breath freshness is important.

Oreos and Orange Juice.  Again, technique here is critical.  For this one, it is a straight substitution of the traditional milk with the OJ.  I do follow-up with the standard dunking of said Oreo in the OJ.  Occasionally, I add in more advanced moves, like the unscrew and scrape, or the double-unscrew and filling-double up, with dunks.  I find the OJ permeates the Oreo faster than milk, facilitating the rate of snackage.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwiches.  No, not with ‘nanners,’ with bacon.  I prefer the bread toasted for structural reasons as well as the toasty flavor.  The amount of peanut butter will vary from person to person, but you must be careful not to overpower the bacony goodness. The bacon is the focus; the PB is the facilitator.  A thin coat on each side of the sandwich is good.  Crisp bacon is important, since limp-fried bacon will pull out and flap down your chin.  This leaves a peanutbuttery skidmark on your face and also defeats the whole purpose of making the sandwich.  High in fat, but if you have both products in your house this is not likely an issue for you to begin with.

I did warn you at the beginning…


76 Responses to “Five Freaky Things I Like To Eat”

  1. truelibertarian Says:


    I’d suggest you try Creamsicle Oreos. Equal parts milk and OJ, dip away, repeat to play (I needed it to rhyme). Add some tequila in there for some good times. Milk, Kahlua, and Oreos works too.

    Oh, and pickle juice? Fo realz?

  2. I’m on board with everything but the Oreo’s and OJ. I have a similar (behind closed doors) obsession with olive juice and banana pepper juice. My wife finds this disgusting. Here are a couple more to try next time around: Fried bologna and onion sandwich (some find it gross). And for my all time German favorite – Limburger cheese on toasted Cincinnati Rye, topped with Vidalia Onions and a bit of Dusseldorf Mustard (be prepared to be in heaven if you have never tried this combination)!

  3. My one friend loves peanut butter and hot dogs. :/

  4. God bless you and your original taste buds. You’ve proven there’s a mouth for every morsel.

  5. See , I’m chubby , so I like to think I have a questionable taste in food and I did truly believe that….. till now .
    You …. seem to have food issues . Bacon ?! Really ?? You’d do that to bacon ?? For shame ! 😛

  6. I salute your crazy taste buds. I also salute the very brave pathologist who will have to work out which of the above killed you.

  7. I suggest trying peanut butter and pickles. Yum! I was surprised how delicious it was, it seems as though your taste buds might enjoy it too. Fun article.

  8. I opened this post with extreme trepidation . . . scanned the contents . . . and breathed a sigh of relief.

    I used to eat BLT’s with peanut butter instead of mayo. PB and bacon are a great combo.

    Love blue cheese . . . never tried it with a spoon, but I’ve imbibed hefty chunks from time to time.

  9. Wow. I think I could write a post that is the exact opposite of this one. I’m not much of an eater because most foods freak me out. Like for instance, milk. I literally can’t be in the room with someone drinking milk or eating cereal. I gag just thinking about it. I refuse to eat anything that you would buy at a deli or that has mayonnaise in/on it, or anything stuffed in a casing. The worst one of all is sugar. I can’t stand candy, soda or desserts.

    Bacon, however, is another story entirely. I’d bl…well, let’s just say I’d do a whole lot of things to a whole lot of Yankees fans if I thought I could get bacon out of it. Yeah, I’m a hit at the grocery store.

  10. fattylanes Says:

    Throw those all in a blender and you truly have something weird!

  11. i LUUUUVVVV Chicken backs…we all have our faults. continue…

  12. John Erickson Says:

    A Dorito chip with a thick slab of Colby cheese, and a cupped smear of braunschwieger (liver sausage, for you non-Krauts) with a dollop of A-1 steak sauce. YUM!
    Also lemon juice straight – no water, sugar, or other flavours. And nachos with hot sauce followed immediately by a few Snickers bars, for that “hot n sweet” combo.
    You’ll find the airsick bag in the seatback in front of you. 😀

    • That’s all pretty tame, but why ruin good braunschweiger with A1?

      • John Erickson Says:

        I love A1! I have it on steak, burgers, meatloaf, you name it.
        I know SO many people who gag at the thought of drinking lemon juice straight. I see no problem with it, though.
        I used to love Thai food, but my wonky pancreas can’t keep up with stuff that’s too hot. Ditto with Sezchuan Chinese, though you have to work REALLY hard around here just to find a Chinese restaurant with General Tsao’s chicken!

  13. @ BRAINRANTS: Between you boys here, my buddy Hotspur and the ballsy chick over at lifeinthefarcelane I’ve gotten absolutely nothing of consequence done today. Thanks! 🙂 (smiley there is something else I learned how to do on your blog).

    @ JOHN ERICKSON: Gross.

  14. Wow… are you pregnant?

  15. lol… and btw… there are sexual undertones in your title… which is why I clicked on it.

  16. Do you care if I steal this topic? 😀 I’ll pingback to you if you’ll tell me how. I just can’t seem to figure it out!

    • There’s no copyright on ideas, just the content, so feel free to take the idea and run. I would just put a link to this post in your blog, that’s easiest. Kinda a lot of steps, but in general copy the URL to this post and then paste it using the “link” button on the compose screen and go from there.

  17. You started off so n”ormal” and then just got strange…love it!

    With pickles I like them to touch the bread and then remove them. Pickles gross me out now, but the taste of pickle residue on anything is delicious.

  18. […] this blog is funny on a normal day but I love this post, although most of you will be like how can you eat that, you probably will do something along the same lines, for example Chip and Chocolate milkshake! […]

  19. Pickle juice is the drink of the gods! I always used to drink it before athletic competitions. It’s better than Red Bull. On a related note, I’ll eat chicken gizzards any day of the week…nom nom nom…

  20. Top list that. I used to eat sugar sandwiches as a kid and also spoon chocolate Nesquik powder out the box and eat it.

    Hmmm, raw Nesquik.

  21. LOL….I was just kidding anyway.

  22. caitlambert Says:

    Very interesting food choices. The bones was a bit much. I just wonder if it screws up your digestive tract. :/ The bacon and peanut butter actually sounds good.

  23. A little late to the table here…my son loves pickle juice, too, and pretty sure he’d try everything else you listed. He’s pretty much a young Andrew Zimmern. Witnessed him eat a whole baby octopus once. Gross. I’m too picky to eat weird stuff, although peanut butter on a spoon is awesome.

  24. I thought I was the only person on the planet who likes peanut butter and bacon. I’m glad to know I’m not the only wierdo. j/k Came here through Freshly Pressed and am enjoying reading your posts. And I have to say “ass-twisting” is one of the most brilliant adjectives ever! I may have to steal it.

  25. Weird, my husband drinks dill pickle juice also. You guys are strange!

  26. […] AND You were always a good guy and with a good heart. (Until he stumbled across Brainrants’ post about peanut butter and bacon sandwiches). […]

  27. […] AND You were always a good guy and with a good heart. (Until he stumbled across Brainrants’ post about peanut butter and bacon sandwiches). […]

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