What!?! Seriously!?!

Okay, I was just checking the digital traps.  So the Sports Illustrated site informs me of the following:

  • USC Trojans 38,  Syracuse 17  (win)
  • Army 21,  Northwestern 14 (win)
  • Oakland Raiders 35, Buffalo Bills 38 (loss, but so damn close!)

I’m not sure I can recall when my three did two of three overall… I feel faint…


8 Responses to “What!?! Seriously!?!”

  1. You better lie down….

  2. John Erickson Says:

    First one? Meh. Second? Go Army! Third one? What? WHAT?!?
    Buffalo WON something? And beat the Raiders doing so?
    Dang. Now I gotta go troll Overstock.Com and find Satan some ice skates.

  3. Not a grad, just a Navy brat. My cousin did go to West Point so I’m ok with the Army. The Raiders however are another story…

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