Preseason Complete … WTF?

I can only imagine what awesomeness lies ahead for the regular season Raiders.  After losing all four pre-season matches, it looks like another fabulous year.  I wonder how many head coaches they’ll go through this year.  Or quarterbacks.

I know I should not bitch too loudly after opening myself up to back-critique in my post about the awesomeness of being a Raider Fan.  Oh well, anyone who knows me also knows I can be fairly persnickety.  In this case, going 0 for 4 in the preseason gives me complete justification to complain.  I mean really, the preseason?  I know you’re supposed to be vetting new players and perfecting your roster, but I can’t imagine a level of conservativeness that would have a football organization intentionally play sub-par just to ensure there were no injuries to key players.

I can’t even really console myself with the start of the college season either.  Army lost out of the gate, and though I see USC managed a win, it was against Minnesota.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Minnesota <insert ironic eye-roll>.  Even so, I am reminded that no matter what kind of team and awesome year the Trojans manage, there’s no bowl or BCS standing for them.  Bet you are all real glad Reggie Bush had a sweet ride and cash to flash while he was there, aren’t you USC?  Asshats… corrupt asshats.

Looks like a great excuse to soak my disappointments in beer.


4 Responses to “Preseason Complete … WTF?”

  1. John Erickson Says:

    Hmm.. I’m starting to wonder about you. Not because of your fickleness, but the Raiders? I mean, I’ve got to put up with several blog friends who like the Peck … er … Packers, but the Raiders? And then, to add to it, USC?!?
    I knew MREs taste like crap, but I didn’t realise they cause brain damage…… :p 😉

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