Random Thought #13

I often used to feel that my cats didn’t listen to what I told them, or they ignored me.  Possibly both.  To alleviate that problem, I started telling them what to do based on what they happened to be doing at the time.  For example, when Smudge returns to eat his third breakfast, I will say, “Eat your food, Smudge… good kitty!”  I like to add positive reinforcement because beating cats only makes them like you even more.

Some of the commands you hear regularly around our house:

  • “Lick your butt, Dixie.  Good kitty!”
  • “Lay there in everyone’s way, Smudge. Good kitty!”
  • “Sleep, Dixie! Good kitty!”
  • “Give me ‘the back’ Smudge. Good kitty!”
  • “Push the rug up into the corner, Dixie. Good kitty!”
  • “Use the wood trim as a scratchpost, Smudge. Good kitty!”

I’ve had some astounding success since I started this training regimen.  Call me the Cat Whisperer.

10 Responses to “Random Thought #13”

  1. Cats never listen! If they didn’t poop in a box they’d be totally useless. Thank God they got that.

  2. John Erickson Says:

    I could offer to help you train them, but I have one handicap – I don’t speak cat. Which isn’t that big a problem, actually. Most of the cats “catch”, we play “chase each other” (well, I “chase” them by clapping hands and yelling “get the cat!”, in jest of course), and my personal favourite and first cat can actually play fetch and shake paws. Many years ago, I trained a cat of friends staying with us to sit, give paw, fetch, and “speak”.
    Trust me, NOTHING drives a die-hard cat owner crazier than to teach their cat how to fetch or speak. 😉

  3. Well you hit that nail soundly and squarely ! We do the same around here.

    Cats rule!

  4. sorry i didn’t tell u sooner how much i relate 2 this being a “cat” person. amazing creatures…the old saying is: dogs have owners, cats have staff. i can tell that u already know this. very enjoyable…2 paws up.

  5. I cracked up reading this. Our dog = fairly similar and untrainable. Things heard around our house: “sure, Chili, go ahead and eat my sock…”

    On the plus side, this makes me feel less crazy when I can’t find a matched pair on laundry day.

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