You Cannot Possibly Be Serious

Sometimes during the day I get a real gem of an email or two from a friend.  So what did I get today?  Please check out this diamond of an article here (WP link function not working today):

I have to honestly wonder about the folks we elect.  After the whole drama of the budget battle and the ongoing “la la la I can’t hear you” (with fingers jammed in ears) our 535 elected incompetents representatives are giving us about a balanced budget amendment, there are actually some of them out there stupid enough to openly state that their $174,000 annual paycheck isn’t enough.  In public.

Seriously, someone please pinch me because I can only be having a bad dream here, right?  One actually stated that there was an element of danger in the job since occasionally people shoot at them, and he needed security wherever he went.  Not sure what causal relationships there are in that one, but I know that I clear a little over half what he does annually and I also occasionally get shot at.  The way I see it, we both volunteered for the job.  Suck it up, buddy.  I won’t hold your security detail against you because I’m sure you wouldn’t have the first clue as to what to do if anyone capped rounds at you, other than wet your pants in the fetal position.

This is clear proof these people can’t be put in charge of budgeting anything.


12 Responses to “You Cannot Possibly Be Serious”

  1. Preach on brother!

  2. Werd. I could vomit in my lap.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh Says:

    Those people could not be trusted to change a light bulb properly…… I added you to my blogroll….. Have a great day buddy!

  4. Run for office. I said it first.

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