Weekend Rollup # 3

Well, in all truth this weekend for me was seven days long since I put in for leave in order to get stuff straight around the house while Di recovered.  In this regard, I did succeed.  There was an awful lot I accomplished, using my dry erase board in the office each day to tick off shit needing done.  Also, if you happened to invest in Molson-Coors based on the last weekly rollup, you should have a healthy profit by now after another entire week around here.  I have some recycling to do and recoup some value.

Caught up and Maintained Laundry.  Yeah, no shit.  I’m amazed too.  I mean, how much laundry can two people generate?  Really?  Anyway, I managed to not ruin anything this week.  My only fail was not making sure some of the shirts were properly hung out to prevent wrinkleage.  This is not something that normally occurrs to me mentally, of course.

Received High Praise for cooking.  This has happened before, but this week was a consistent series of ‘win’ coming out of the kitchen by my own hand.  This included steaks, a favorite broccoli dish done twice based on some intangible method I used (I am equally clueless), and a bacon-wrapped chicken dish were the culinary highlights.  Fail moment: accused of trying to make Di fat after making chocolate chocolate-chip cookies for her.  They are pretty damn good, by the way.

Cleaned!  Successfully operated the vacuum several times without breaking anything or ruining several key rugs.  Managed to get the living room and bedroom completely done.  This included rearranging the living room to account for the constipated state of furniture in there.  Remembered to vacuum under the sofa when moved.

Uber Fail:  Got on that wet car problem from last week’s storms.  The cleaner machine worked great but really only stripped the top layer of odor out of the carpet.  At this point, there’s no cheesy mildew smell anymore, but it has been replaced by something that resembles a gym sock, or how I imagine my toes smell if I could actually get my nose and toes that close to one another.  In large part this is not an issue because the windows still roll up and down.

Uber Win:  Di bragging to her peeps on how well I’m taking care of her.  Win!

I have no idea if a fourth weekend update will be needed since Di is doing better and better each day.  The plan now is to return to work and try to dig out on that front since I know there is probably a pile of stuff to read and an ignored inbox packed with urgent electrons.  So far this has been a tiring but needed refresher on some basic life skills.


2 Responses to “Weekend Rollup # 3”

  1. When people accuse you of trying to make them fat . . . you know that your cooking is a WIN!

    Glad that you both had a good week and that Di is on the road to recovery.

  2. Well, admittedly even I – the Garburator – can only handle two of those cookies at once… they’re overly-rich.

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